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Taylor Swift Fearless Album and Tracks

Taylor Swift is the first woman to win three Grammys for Best Album. She declared new album was finished. She enticed fans by releasing her previous Album Fearless again in Taylor’s Version. After the Album’s release, Swift started on the Fearless Tour, which ran from April 2009 to July 2010 and grossed $66.5 million. Five songs were issued as singles, including “Love Story,” “White Horse,” “Fearless,” and “Fifteen,” “You Belong with Me.” 

Also, the album was a marketing success. The Album catapulted Swift to mainstream influence. The United States spent 11 weeks atop the Billboard 200, which was the best-selling Album of 2009. It was accredited as Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America for 10 million album-equivalent units.  It topped album charts of Canada and New Zealand and peaked within the top five in Australia, U.K, and Norway. With 12 million impressions sold globally, it is one of the best-selling albums of the 12sr century.

Taylor Swift Fearless Release Date 2021

Taylor In Grammy

Fearless Taylor

The Album commonly received confident reviews from critics, who commended the storytelling metaphor of Swift’s songwriting. While some critics hailed Swift’s abilities in performing radio-friendly melodies, few others noticed the production uninventive. The most granted Album in country music history, Fearless, won the Academy of Country Music Awards and Album of the Year’s title at the Grammys, the Country Music Association Awards. Also, The 2010 Grammy for the Year made Swift (then 20 years old) the most youthful artist to win the award at the time, an achievement that lasted until 2020. 

It is also said that Taylor was overwhelmed and was swept by emotions. After becoming the first woman to win Gammy for the third time. So, she decided to re-record the first Album that rewarded her with a Grammy. 

The album was recorded way back, and this Taylor’s version is the version that Taylor has become. The strong independent, and Fearless Taylor that she wants to show the world.

Taylor Swift Fearless Release Date

Taylor Swift has confirmed which songs, traditional and modern, will be on her new album, “Fearless (Taylor’s Version). The Fearless Album will release on April 9. Also, Swift has been leaving cryptic words to her fans, something she’s been known to do preliminary album releases.

She tweeted the latest teaser: A video of an animation of a vault, with scrambled information flashing on the screen—evidence to what would be on her new album. The framework depicts a song played in the setback, adding to the mystery.

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“The strongroom door will be removed as you’ll think I am after you watch this video,” Swift tweeted. Sharp fans mounted to the challenge, decoding the messages within seconds; And figuring out that at most limited, one song would feature Keith Urban. At last, Swift also stated that fans had cracked the principles and guessed all the “From The Vault” titles. She also established Urban would be on the new Album and re-recorded stories of her songs first released on her 2008 album, “Fearless.”

Taylor On Fearless

Whereas In 2019, Swift announced her intention to Re-record her first six studio albums due to the controversy regarding her Album’s sale. In February 2021, she declared Fearless’s re-recordings, titled Fearless (Taylor’s Version), as the first in her series of publishing the six re-recorded albums. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) extends to 26 tracks, comprising all the tunes from Fearless: Platinum Edition, Swift’s 2010 single soundtrack “Today Was a Fairytale” from the soundtrack of Valentine’s Day (2010), and six new “From the Vault” records that did not cut the 2008 record. However, even after the conflicts, Taylor made her way through the dispute and finally achieved what she wanted.

In one of her interviews, she called Fearless an album packed with magic and wonder. The album also had the bliss and destruction of youth. It was the diary of the events and explorations of a teenage girl who was discovering tiny drills with every new fissure in the facade of the fairytale conclusion she’d been shown in the movies.

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But, Fearless 2021 would be an adult talking to those teenagers out there. Who must be feeling the same magic, bliss, and destruction? She added that she wants this Album to be the guardian to the person who feels alone in the dark. So, to sum up, we can say the teenager from Fearless has grown up to be an amazing woman, and she wants to share her story with the world.