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Spoilers & Preview: Taxi Driver Episode 9

Taxi Driver updates on episode 9
k-drama Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Episode 9 Release & Preview is something the fans are eagerly waiting to know about. The ongoing South Korean drama Taxi Driver is on a rise. The revenge call service is highly liked by its fans throughout. The drama is based on the original webtoon of the same name by Carlos and Keukeu Jae Jin. The crimes that are shown in the drama are mostly based on the real crimes committed in South Korea. The heinous crimes that are shown in the drama have somewhere happened in the country. The drama is really captivating in the terms that it portrays the scenes so realistically that one can connect to them. The drama would have released much earlier, but due to certain reasons, the initial release was pushed back.

The 8th episode of the drama that aired much recently on 1st May 2021 got the most numbers of views from the 20-49-year-olds. It was apparently the most-watched episode to air on any channel on Friday. Initially, actress  Lee Na-Eun was supposed to play the role of Ahn Go Eun. But after the bullying accusation made against her, she got replaced. Now, the character is being played by actress Pyo Ye Jin. The South Korean drama taxi driver is also popularly known as Deluxe Taxi, Rage taxi, and Model taxi.

The drama was originally premiered on 9th April 2021 and has a total of 16 episodes that will air till 29th May 2021, after which the drama will go off the air. Currently, the drama can be watched on the original network SBS. On every Friday and Saturday at the 22:00 time slot. The duration of each episode will be approximately 1hr 5min.

Taxi Driver Episode 9 Release Date

Taxi Driver episode 9 updates

A Still from the ongoing k-drama Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Episode 9 will release on 7th May 2021 at 22:00KST. Actors like Lee Je Hoon, Esom, Kim Eui Sung, and Pyo Ye Jin have been cast for the main roles. With the release of the 9th episode, the drama will go one step closer to its conclusion. Since the drama has just 16 episodes in total, it is not long now that the drama will soon go off the air. Until now, each and every episode of the drama has been thrilling. And somehow satisfies the viewers by giving apt punishment to the sinners.

Taxi Driver episode 9 release date

The lead actress from the drama Taxi Driver

Along with the original network SBS the drama also airs on many online streaming sites like Kocowa and Viki, along with subtitles. The genre of the drama includes action, suspense, thriller, mystery, crime, and drama. The whole drama is based on the revenge-call concept. Revenge is taken for the sake of those whom the government couldn’t help or provide justice. The unique style of handling the crimes and giving them the required punishment is gaining vast popularity amongst the audience as well. So, until now, the drama is already going great and will unveil many more sides of the story with the release of the new episode.

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Taxi Driver Episode 9 Preview

The preview of the 9th episode clearly shows what can we expect from the next episode overall. The next episode will resume from where it left off in the 8th episode. The 9th episode will disclose many more secrets. And will take prosecutor Kang Ha Na a step closer to her investigation. She will find a clue to join the pieces of the puzzle she has been trying to solve all this while. She gets the ID card of Kim Do Gi from the crime location and tries to figure out the whole story. Will she arrest Kim Do Gi or let him go is the question.

Taxi Driver episode 9 preview

A Still from the k-drama Taxi Driver

With the increasing crimes, the law seems just to be a spectator. That just keeps track of the crimes and delays giving the apt punishment to the criminals. Kim Do Gi will also get on with his next case and keep on providing revengeful justice that suits the criminals. What happens to Kim Do Gi and the team and what is their next move will all be disclosed in the next episode.

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