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Spoilers & Preview: Taxi Driver Episode 3

When is the release date of Taxi Driver Episode 3?
The official teaser poster for Taxi Driver Episode 3 (Credit: SBS TV)

There is almost half a month to go, and April month is already giving amazing Korean Dramas. One such recently ongoing drama is Taxi Driver that depicts taking justice for those persons that the law failed to protect. Taxi Driver is the latest crime thriller from SBS that delivers justice. The series is already trending with the release of the first two episodes last week. The action and interesting fight scenes make the series worth watching. Each episode of the show depicts taking revenge on a different person.

The drama, apart from the revenge, will also portray the back story of each member of the Rainbow Taxi. They have a life story and negligence from the law that leads to them working outside the limits of the law. Moreover, they will encounter different problems in their way of doing justice. Now, let’s know in detail when episode 3 of Taxi Driver will arrive. 

Taxi Driver Episode 1-2: Recap

Taxi Driver begins with Kim Do-Ki as an ordinary taxi driver that picks up a criminal that had an early release from his life imprisonment. However, he went into a tunnel exchanged the criminal for some other taxi. He comes out from the tunnel after changing the whole get-up of his taxi into a normal car. Then, the drama introduces the taxi company where Kim Do-Ki works. Go Eun keeps the books and records in the company. Choi Kyung-Goo and Park Jin-Eun are taxi mechanics. We see how a secret elevator is there in the secret cabinet from Go Eun’s office. Thus, there is a big underground base hiding underground of the Rainbow Taxi service.

Taxi Driver Episode 3: Preview

A scene from Episode 1 of Taxi Driver with Kim Do-Ki driving his taxi

The team’s action also gets shown in the premiering week. Kang Maria, a woman, goes to a bridge with the intention of jumping. However, a sticker caught her eye, and she gave up doing suicide. The sticker is from Deluxe Taxi, wherein; it is written to get revenge and not to die. They will help in getting revenge. Then, the woman goes and seeks their help. We get to know that the woman works in a food company that looks humanitarian on the surface. But, they are disgusting and tortures the physically and mentally disabled workers. In this case, the Taxi Driver guys pretty much define what the true form of evil is. 

There are also many other cases like Kang Maria that need their help for getting revenge. But, Rainbow Taxi caught the attention of Prosecutor Kang Hana. She firmly believes that Rainbow Taxi and the other company’s of Sung-Chul has some big secret within them. Kang Hana also went to Rainbow Taxi to look into the matter and meet Kim Do-Ki for the first time. She wants to investigate and find out the truth. However, she does not have any evidence for proving her points. The Taxi Driver guys also execute their plans in such a way leaving no room for suspicions or hints. 

Taxi Driver Episode 3: Release Date

Taxi Driver Episode 3 release date is April 16, 2021, on SBS TV at 6:30 p.m. or 22:00 KST. So, there is only a day left until the availability of one more episode of the amazing show. Taxi Driver is a fantastic action drama that delivers a thrilling storyline. The main theme of the story is revenge for those that are weak and desperate. Moreover, they work beyond the limits of law and do not have any specific rules for following while keeping in checks with laws. Taxi Driver had aired only two episodes as of now. The rest, fourteen episodes, are still left for streaming.

Taxi Driver Episode 3: Plotline

Taxi Driver Episode 3 will be back with another revenge for someone. From the looks of the trailer, it seems that Kang Hana went and talked with Song Chul. However, she failed to get any evidence. Even the deputy chief prosecutor scolded her for unnecessary involvement in the things without any proof. Later on, she also rides on the taxi of Do-Ki taxi for talking and getting any information. Moreover, the upcoming episode will feature the revenge of a schoolboy. It seems that his classmates continuously bully him. He went for taking his life feeling sad, lonely, angry, and frustrated. Later, he saw the sticker and went to the company to seek help. 

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