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Taxi Driver Episode 11 Release Date and Where to Watch

Taxi Driver episode 11 updates
Ongoing South Korean drama Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver episode 11 Release date & Preview is something every fan of the show is currently looking forward to. The extremely successful Korean Drama is now nearing its end. Every episode of the drama is equally important and taking one step closer to the final ending. Much recently episode 10th of the drama was released. The episode was simply entertaining and fun to watch. The revenge call that Kim Do Gi provides is utter satisfactory. Taxi driver has a total of 16 episodes. Amongst which 10 episodes have already aired. We are now just left with the concluding last 6 episodes. The drama will now soon go off the air at the end of this month, on 29th May 2021. Needless to say, we surely will miss the drama terribly and looking forward to the concluding part as well.

The drama portrayed a satisfactory revenge call for the victims whom the law couldn’t protect. Since last year the drama was in many discussions, and especially after its premiere, we saw that all the buzz on it was all worth it. The ongoing South Korean drama currently holds a huge fan base. And breaks its own records with each new episode airing every week. The drama airs every week on every Friday and Saturday at the  22:00 time slot on the original network SBS. With the duration of each episode to be approximately 1hr 5min. The drama was supposed to air a little early, but due to the change in cast and re-filming of the few scenes, the drama finally knocked the small screen on 9th April 2021. By now we already know how to hit the drama is and are doing extremely good until now.

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Taxi Driver Episode 11 Release date & Preview

Taxi Driver Episode 11 will be released on 14th May 2021 and will resume from where it left off in the 10th episode. Taxi Driver is an ongoing drama that airs every week on the original network SBS. The drama was adapted from the original webtoon of the same name by Carlos and Keukeu Jae Jin. The main characters of the drama include Kim Do Gi, Kang Ha Na, Jang Sung Chul, and Ahn Go Eun. The drama also focuses largely on its supporting characters as well like Investigator Hwang, Baek Sung Mi, Choi Kyung Goo, and Park Jin Eon. Last week the drama aired its 10th episode, which was extremely entertaining of course, and also hit a good benchmark in the rating chart.

Taxi Driver episode 11 release date and preview

A Still from ongoing South Korean drama Taxi Driver

In episode 10, we saw how Kim Do Gi serves satisfactory justice this time as well. With his cool, classy, and new rich look he absolutely slays the role. The heinous crimes shown in the drama have somewhat happened in the country as well. Which makes it hence so interesting and the maximum population of the country can relate to. The drama showcases the murder to the frauds that happen and also how one could avoid them. The drama initially started off on a good note but now is doing extremely well. With every new episode releasing, the number of fans of the show also increases. In the 11th episode, we’ll see prosecutor Kang Ha Na confront Kim Do Gi. She states that Kim Do Gi is no different than the others and that he is a criminal himself.

Taxi Driver episode 11 preview

A Still from the k-drama Taxi Driver

We will also see prosecutor Kang Ha Na getting her things straight she movies along with her investigation, and we will also see her moving along to collect more and more evidence. She even takes out a search warrant for Jang Sung Chul and searches his house. She will investigate everything thoroughly, and the rest of the plots of the drama will unveil with the upcoming episode.

Where to Watch Taxi Driver Online

The ongoing hit drama, Taxi Driver, premieres every week on the original network SBS. We can watch the drama at the scheduled time for the show which is at 22:00 KST. It airs every Friday and Saturday on the network. Apart from the original network, the drama also streams on online streaming sites like Kococwa and Viki, along with subtitles. So watch your favorite drama on any of your preferred networks, the 11th episode will air on 14th May 2021 till then stay tuned.

Taxi Driver episode 11 release date

A still from k-drama Taxi Driver

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