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Taxi Driver Episode 11 Recap & Plot Summary

Taxi Driver ep 11 recap
A Still from the ongoing drama Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Episode 11 Recap is something we will be dealing with today. The 11th episode of the hit series released on 14th May 2021 at the 22:00 time slot. The taxi driver is a much hit and awaited sequel in South Korea currently. It airs two episodes every week, which is on Friday and Saturday. As we already know now, the hit and super exciting drama series is coming to an end. The twisted plots and secrets involved are now gradually simplifying, and one after the other plots are getting unveiled. The series is now on the verge of its completion and will go off the air this month on 29th May 2021, with the airing of its last and final episode 16. The ongoing drama has already aired 11 episodes so far and will air its 12th episode on 15th May 2021.

Started at a decent pace, the drama slowly attracted the attention of numerous viewers because of its amazing plot and presentation. The series was much awaited since 2020 and finally aired in 2021. Before the start of the drama, the role of Ahn Go Eun was given to actress  Lee Na-Eun. But due to the ongoing bullying accusations on her back then, the casting was changed, and actress Pyo Ye Jin replaced her. Even a few scenes were re-shot, which delayed the final airing of the drama. But after much wait, the drama finally aired on 9th April 2021. It will always be considered as one of the most hit and buzzing series of all time. Not only did the episodes of the drama made it to the top chart. But even a slight change in the looks of the characters also gathered much attention from the viewers.

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Taxi Driver Episode 11 Recap

Taxi Driver episode 11 recap

A Still from Taxi Driver episode 11

The 11th episode of Taxi Driver gathered much attention from the viewers, as expected. After completing one task, the group ventures on the next. The 11th episode of the drama aired on 14th May 2021. The episode started off with prosecutor Kang Ha Na digging every possible way to catch the whole team. She thoroughly starts investigating every chore of this taxi company to get a clue on their next moves and next plans. Kang Ha Na tries with all her might to get a hold of them and starts with her role in full fledge. She further starts investigating every chore of Jang Sung Chul’s house with a search warrant. She further meets Kim Do Gi one on one and confronts him by stating he is no different than the others. Since even he is committing crimes right now.

Kim Do Gi presents his own ideology and continues with his new missions. He gets a new victim whose family wants justice for their son. After digging into the whole matter, it turns out that Baek Sung Mi’s assistant has a twin brother. He causes problems around and is involved in many such cases. Towards the end of the episode, we got a huge sock when Wang Min Ho was found dead. Prosecutor Kang Ha Na goes into deep shock as well.

Taxi Driverk-drama episode 11 and 12

Still from the ongoing drama Taxi Driver

What happened to him, how did he die, and what he was doing at the spot in the night are all unknown. The incidents involved in his murder cases are yet to be resolved, and Kim Do Gi, of course, will try to solve this case as well. What happens next will Wang Min Ho get justice, and what will prosecutor Kang Ha Na do in this situation is all yet unrevealed. So, the next episode will surely be interesting to watch and will unveil a lot of answers to our questions.

So let’s wait for the 12th episode to air. Taxi Driver Episode 12 is coming on 15th May on the original network SBS. The drama airs every Friday and Saturday. And has been adapted from the original webtoon of the same name by Carlos and Keukeu Jae Jin. The direction of the drama has been done under Park Joon Woo, with the screenwriting under Oh Sang Ho. Apart from the original network, the drama also airs on the online streaming site Viki along with subtitles.

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