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Taxi Driver (2021) Episode 1 Explained

The cast of korean drama taxi driver
The cast of K-Drama Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver (2021) Episode 2 is about to release next. The brand new drama starring Le Je Hoon, Esom, Kim Eui Sung, and Pyo Ye Jin in lead roles has been finally released. Starting from earlier this year, the news about the new drama was on a full roll. Now finally, the drama has been released, and its first episode has been released too. The SBS tv drama was under pre-production for a very long time. The drama was being considered for filming in 2019 and finally got approval in mid-2020. In November 2020, the full cast and crew were revealed. And we also got to see the first look in December 2020. However, the drama was ready for release but still got delayed due to certain controversies related to the cast of the drama.

Since actress Lee Na Eun was also officially a part of the cast, but she left the drama because of the bullying accusations made against her. Even after the filming began, she was constantly a part of the show. Until recently, she was removed from the cast following the bullying accusations made against her. The drama is currently re-filming the scenes where actress Lee Na Eun was a part of. Actress Pyo Ye Jin replaced actress Lee Na Eun, and certain scenes are also about to be re-shot. With the opening of the first episode on 9th April, the drama made a decent start and successfully captured many viewer’s attention.

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Taxi Driver Plot Analysis

The cast of korean drama taxi driver

The cast of K-Drama Taxi Driver

The overall story of the drama revolves around four main characters Kim Do Gi, Kang Ha Na, Jang Sung Chul, and Go Eun. It is a revenge drama, seeking justice under the corrupt higher officers. Kim Do Gi was once an honest and dutiful officer; he was most true to his job in the special forces. His mother was killed when he was young, and now he works as a taxi driver. Though disguised as a taxi driver, he mostly works for the revenge and revenge calls for his clients. He works for the rainbow taxi company and, along with him, also works with his colleagues who work under the same mission.

In rainbow taxi company, he works under the CEO of that company, Jang Sung Chul. Their sole motive is to provide justice to the ones who got wronged by the wrong people. And to whom the law couldn’t give justice. They work together as a team. while Kang Ha Na is a prosecutor who is keenly keeping an eye on the organization to catch their true motives. Will they get caught, what kind of cases they deal with, will Kim Do Gi be able to take revenge for his mother’s death will all be revealed in the story.

Taxi Driver Episode 2: What to expect?

Details on Taxi driver episode 2

A still from the drama Taxi Driver

After the 1st episode got aired and accumulated quite a decent rating on the first day of opening, the second episode will continue from where it left off in episode 1. Kim Do Gi takes a grand opening in the first episode. We also got to see a peak in the characters of Kang Ha Na and Jang Sung Chul. The first episode was definitely filled with mystery and a lot of thrill—we for to see the victims misery and the oppressors ruthlessness. Will Do Gi save the ones in misery and bring out justice in the world is the overall plot of episode 1. Jang Sung Chul gives a chance to Kim Do Gi to take the revenge he wants.

In episode 2, we will get to see Kim Do Gi opening his cards and starting the revenge game. While Go Eun portrays a cool character and Kim Do Gi starts targeting his targets one by one. He is smart and quick and deals with his targets aptly. Get ready for immense action and thrill coming your way with the second episode. The new revelations, more character openings, and much more is expected from the second episode of the drama, Taxi Driver. With your favorite actors on board, be ready for some action. Episode 2 released on 10th April 2021 airing on the original network SBS along with the streaming site Viki.

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