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‘Taste of Love’ Debuts in the Top 6, TWICE on Billboard 200

'Taste of Love' debuts in top 6 TWICE on Billboard 200
South Korean girl group, TWICE

‘Taste of Love’ Debuts in the Top 6 TWICE on Billboard 200 and more is something we will be taking up today. As the buzz has been surrounding us lately. We already know how successful Taste of Love has been for the group. The famous South Korean girl group, TWICE released its tenth Korean EP on 11th June 2021. After just 24 hours of its release, the music video surpassed the 20 million mark and did wonders. Even after more than a week after its release the mini-album is still trending everywhere and continues making records.

Taste of love now been also included in the top 6 on the billboard 200 which is quite huge in itself. Not only that the album even became the best-selling album in the US for the week. The group has now joined the legacy of Blackpink in this case and hence became the second-ever K-pop girl group to be on the top 10 album on the chart of billboard 200. The album even recorded a whooping of 43,000 physical sales which made them hence rule the top charts. Twice is quite a known and popular name in the industry. And with the success that the group marked with its recent release have already hyped up their stardom tenfold. The group has a total of nine members and debuted under JYP entertainment.

South Korean girl group TWICE

With the k-pop girl groups rising to the ultimate stardom, the total k-pop industry as a whole has now been extremely globalized. Now there’s is hardly any being who doesn’t know of k-pop and its works. All thanks to the extremely hard-working and talented groups like Twice and many others who put in their best to showcase the world of their talent.

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‘Taste of Love’ Debuts in the Top 6 TWICE on Billboard 200

‘Taste of Love’ Debuts in the Top 6 TWICE on Billboard 200 and more is something we will be focusing on next before heading any further. The album has now successfully entered the charts of the billboard 200 that too at the 6th position. It is hence no doubt a huge success for the group as a whole. The album, taste of love is the tenth mini-album of the group. It is the third album of the group to enter the billboard 200 charts. Prior to this its album Eyes wide open ranked at the 72 positions in the chart. While it’s another album More & More just touched the 200 spots in the chart. This time the group not just made a huge comeback in the list but even made it to the top 10.

'Taste of Love' debuts in top 6 TWICE on Billboard 200

TWICE enters the billboard 200 charts

The famous South Koren girl group has a total of nine core members namely, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu, Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and  Chaeyoung. So with this huge achievement, we can rightly hence say that the group made history on the Billboard 200. The fans of the group are already celebrating this huge achievement. And overall is a proud moment for the whole k-pop industry. ‘Taste of Love’  is the first album of the group to reach the top ten mark in the billboard charts. Nevertheless, the stardom that the group is enjoying right now is quite well deserved. We heartily congratulate the group on its achievement. Since the time of its release ‘Taste of Love’ is making and breaking records and is continuing to do so. The album has even accumulated quite a handsome amount of views on youtube and is still trending on the top charts.

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More on the Girl Group ”TWICE”

Twice is quite a known name in the k-pop industry. And with the impressive debut that it made on billboard 200 by entering the top 10 charts is quite commendable. TWICE girl group was formed under the television program sixteen in the year 2105. In the same year, the group debuted with their extended play The Story Begins in October 2015. After six years in the industry, the group has now made its own place and has millions of fans worldwide. The group has a total of nine members namely Jeongyeon(vocalist),  Tzuyu(dancer, vocalist), Nayeon(dancer, vocalist), Momo (dancer, vocalist, and rapper), Sana (vocalist), Jihyo(leader and vocalist), Mina( vocalist, dancer), Dahyun(rapper vocalist), and Chaeyoung(rapper, vocalist). So, that was all for today, we again heartily congratulate the group on their success and wish them luck for their future ventures.

'Taste of Love' debuts in top 6 TWICE on Billboard 200

South Korean girl group, TWICE makes it to the billboard 200

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