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Starstruck Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast & Renewal

Starstruck season 2
Starstruck season 2

Starstruck was created and written by Rose Matafeo, with co-writers Alice Sneddon and Nic Sampson, and follows Jessie (played by Rose Matafeo), a millennial living in East London trying to juggle two low paying jobs. And trying to navigate the difficulties of becoming truly in love with popular movie star Tom (played by Nikesh Patel). And the couple as they realize they can’t keep away from each other. Minnie Driver and Russell Tovey are also part of the season two ensemble group. This is everything we know about Starstruck season 2.

Starstruck, Rose Matafeo’s millennial comedy, will be remade for a second time. The series, created by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver with Breeders developer Avalon Television, was renewed for a second season on HBO Max. The news of the renewal comes on the same day as season one premieres on WarnerMedia’s streaming service. In consequence, as the seasons in Starstruck shift. Drawing closer to a new New Year’s Eve, you may start to wonder: will the series continue through Jessie’s (Rose Matafeo) spring the following year? No, regrettably. Starstruck’s first season begins and ends on two New Year’s Eves. But it doesn’t mean a new season isn’t on the way, with summer joy, winter cold, and New Year’s kisses. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering everything we know about this HBO Max show at Otakukart; let’s begin!

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

Starstruck will release sometime in 2022. Firstly, the core production aspects for season two of HBO’s Starstruck began in New Zealand. Moreover, the series photography will take place in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, season two has great expectations amongst the fan base, the plot twists, coupled with cast and production value from the debut season, contributed to the series’ renewal on behalf of HBO. As soon as the producers make an official announcement regarding the second season’s release date, we’ll post an update here at Otakukart for you.

Starstruck season 2

Starstruck Season 2

Starstruck plot

On New Year’s Eve, two ladies are smoking outside of a club before entering. One is attempting to persuade the other to come in and have a nice time. Jessie (Rose Matafeo) despises the “forced good time” atmosphere of New Year’s Eve, but her roommate and best friend Kate (Emma Sidi) wants to go inside the club and meet some men. She does just that, having a drunken and dull talk about Bitcoin with some man. Jessie walks to the restroom, having had just about enough of the dullness and being brimming with a drink. She goes into the men’s room to avoid waiting in line for the ladies’ facility. She believes she is alone until a lovely man called Tom (Nikesh Patel) walks in, and the spark between them is instantly obvious. Then they happen to run into each other in the pub. He reminds her of someone she used to work with. They make out in the taxi back to his apartment since their connection is so strong. When they have sex, she asks for his permission while lying on top of him.

As she slips downstairs the following morning to make her way out, she spots Tom’s face on a movie poster. He turns out to be action movie star Tom Kapoor; despite working in a theater, she didn’t even notice that night. She’s taken aback at first, but then the two of them have sex again. When she gets home, she mostly thinks of it as a wonderful tale to tell Kate. However, when she leaves the movie theater, she encounters Tom, who was there to return a charger that wasn’t even hers. They head over to his apartment and understand that the first night was not some drunken escapade. So he invites her out; the following morning, she snoops about his nightstand and discovers images of Tom with what seems to be a girlfriend, prompting her to flee his apartment. The paparazzi take her picture but then stop when they realize she’s the cleaning woman.

Starstruck cast

Rose Matafeo plays the lead female role as Jessie, British actor Nikesh Patel (you may remember him from the TV series Indian Summers as Aafrin Dalal) plays the male lead role as Tom Kapoor. Minnie Driver (from Good Will Hunting) plays Tom’s agent Cath. Nireiverm Enna Sidi plays the female supporting role as Kate. Sindhu Vee plays Sindhu, Al Roberts plays Ian. Jon Pointing plays Dan, Joe Barnes plays Joe. Nic Sampson plays Steve, Lola Rose Maxwell plays Sarah. Abraham Popoola plays Jacob. and Ambreen Razia plays Shivani. Lastly, Nadia Parkes plays Sophie Diller, and Liz Kingsman plays Liz. In the next section, we will share with our readers possible plotlines for season 2 of Starstruck.

Starstruck plotlines for season 2

The narrative of Starstruck Season Two is yet unclear. However, there should be many additional tales regarding the people established in season one. The second season will continue Jessie’s journey as she struggles to discover her own identity and place in life while avoiding disappointing her family along the way. Moreover, Starstruck is a television comedy series that follows Jessie, an aspiring actress from New Zealand. Filled with appealing millennial jokes, humor, and gags, this show will captivate you.

The narrative follows her as she strives for popularity in Hollywood with the help of family and friends who are just as crazy dysfunctional as she is. Jessie was the focus of the first season of Starstruck. She lives in London, but her flat is too expensive. Jessie works two jobs to supplement her income, but she gets fortunate when something nice occurs. Someone who meets and falls in love with a celebrity one night. The first season’s narrative was well-received by reviewers, who characterized it as a “hot, crazy New Zealander version of NBC’s 30 Rock.”

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Starstruck season 2

Starstruck Season 2

Where to watch Starstruck online?

If you wish to watch Starstruck online, you can do it on the HBO Max platform. Because it’s an exclusive show there. In consequence, you won’t find it on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+. If you have Hulu with an HBO Max add-on, you will be able to stream this show’s first season. A Hulu subscription with an HBO Max add-on will cost you US$14,99 a month. With that plan, you can watch tons of movies, series, comedy shows, and documentaries. In the next section, we are sharing with you my opinion on the key aspects behind this HBO Max success.

The Key behind Starstruck success is an old formula.

“He’s a well-known actor, and you’re a rat nothing.” It’s a tried-and-true fanfiction scenario, Notting Hill’s reversed narrative, and now the concept of HBO Max’s very hilarious Starstruck. Still, everybody who has watched a rom-com knows what happens next: a will-they-won’t-they flirting, a terrible fight, and an ultimate reconciliation. While Starstruck plays on a well-known tale, it remains grounded in its approach, expertly toying with genre conventions. Matafeo, a New Zealander comedian, brings all of her abilities to the part; in addition to appearing as Jessie, she executive produces and co-writes with a friend and fellow Aucklander Alice Snedden. Karen Maine directs the series, a suitable choice given that she co-wrote the wacky abortion rom-com, Obvious Child.  The six 22-minute episodes are spread out across a year, with each devoted to one of the four seasons and bookended by New Year’s Eve and Christmas.

The chronology is properly managed, enabling Jessie and Tom’s relationship to grow naturally without slipping into an instant-love trap; the two are able to handle exuberant crush sensations, the discomfort of running into an old hookup, and a tentative friendship with flirting undercurrents. Starstruck was plainly created by folks who unapologetically like rom-com. The program, inspired by genre classics, offers a lighthearted contemporary interpretation with a protagonist who plays with expectations. I’ll keep things vague, but the last moments of the season are so gorgeous and subtle that the sensitivity stole my breath away. (It has also been renewed for Season 2). With a running time of just over two hours, Starstruck is a fast summer viewing that will leave you wanting to stay in the escapist delight for a little longer. Just like a decent rom-com should be. With this, we conclude our coverage of Starstruck season 2 at Otakukart. Thank you for reading this article. And please keep coming back for more daily updates on all your favorite series and shows.

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