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Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 349: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 349

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 349 reveals Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword that Nie Lie unleashed after teleporting inside the scroll he finished drawing. Tales Of Demons And Gods reveals Nie Li’s life as he embarks on different adventures and journeys. Nie Li wants to be a great warrior and achieve his goals.  From the latest Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter, Nie Lie thought he could wield Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword with the first try, but it shows him overwhelming powers. Nie Li notices that Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword is glowing and realizes that he has reached the Heavenly Fate Realm. His abilities will be more extraordinary when using this tremendous blade.

Nie Li decided to keep all the treasures inside and let the painting nourish them. He realizes that he is unsure about other uses, the myriad miles, rivers, and mountains, and he is looking forward to knowing them. Nie Li is worried that he has no other treasure at his location. Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword increases its lift, and the Mysterious Magical Pot continues to shine. Nie Li learns that those three artifacts are the foundation of his powers, even though he didn’t manage to exert their powers.

He teleports back and appears inside the castle, and sister Yu Yan arrives asking him about the treasure. She notices that Nie Li can enter that treasure whenever he likes. Nie Li replies that it is called the myriad miles rivers and mountains painting, and inside the scroll, there is massive space. He gives her permission to cultivate inside starting from today. Yu Yan is surprised that there is a separate Realm inside the painting, and they can even enter to cultivate. She wonders if ordinary humans can enter.

Previously on Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 348

Yu Yan wonders how Nie Li can enter and exit the paying like that and that inside there is inter-sparing. Nie Li agrees, and Yu Yan replies that he can take her with him, and the two decide to take a look. The yellow chick makes a sound, signaling Nie Lie that it is joining them. The trio teleports inside and arrives above the mountains, where they can see green land. Nie Li told the two that this is the mysterious world inside the painting. The chick made a gugu sound and nodded its head while agreeing to what Nie Li said.

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Nie Li calls that chick Jindan after notice that it is trying to fly alone. Jindan begins to act and make the natural tweet-tweet sound. Suddenly Jindan starts to split into two, and the clone of him begins to show up. Jindand flies at full speed, and Nie Lie wonders if Jinda wants to eat all the Heavenly Essence inside the painting and make it dry. He chases him, and Jindand begins to eat the Heavenly Essence like macaroni. Jindan notice that his belly is full and try to suppress the Heavenly Essence in his stomach. His body went overweight, and he landed on the ground.

Nie Lie realizes that it will take a long time for Jindan to digest that, and he is glad that the myriad miles rivers and paintings seem to be producing Heavenly Essence. Jindan consumed a small portion, and he is already full. Nie Li is impressed that Jindan managed to do that much with cultivation below 3-fate expert and his physical body is invisible. Yu Yan managed to catch up with the two and noticed that the Heavenly Essence here is abundant.

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 349 Release Date

Tales-Of-Demons And Gods Chapter 349 will be released on 3 October 2021. Nie Li noticed that Yu Yan is above the 3-Fate Realm. Nie Li told Yu Yan to stay inside the painting for cultivation. Yu Yan agrees, and Nie Li realizes that the place is equivalent to his territory. He heads out and meets with Ninger, and she asks how things are going. Ninger and Nie Li’s encounter will be revealed in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 349 this coming week. Let’s look at the update of this manga below.

Read Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 349 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 349 online on other websites. This manga has no official website, but the new chapters release every week. You can read it online using its name and the latest chapters of Tales Of Demons And Gods release in two to three days. We will update every newest chapter of this manga as soon as Tales Of Demons And Gods release. Let’s meet when Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 349 releases.

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