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Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 343: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 343
Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 343

The Dao intent demonstrations finally come to an end with Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 343 set to release next. Nie Li’s demonstration of the sword’s intent has managed to make him the star of the exhibition as he has gained the respect of the senior brothers like Mingye, who is touted to be amongst the best Dao users.  Nie Lli managed to gain popularity very fast and ended up collecting 300 000 points easily. He has displayed mastery over a wide range of Dao and Sword intent. At first, his audience thought that he did not apply any Dao intent and took his demonstration as only a simple calligraphic scripture. 

Later on, it was revealed that he had used Dao intent, but it would be difficult for your average mage to understand and fully comprehend what Nie Li just did. He showed great mastery in his work as he was able to target his Dao and Sword intent only at certain individuals. Which explains why Gu Bei was the only one who immediately noticed the intent that Nie Li put on his calligraphy.

This only left Long Yuyin frustrated as it would make her look like her Dao comprehension skills were lower than those of Gu Bei. In the end, she admitted that it’s possible she was not able to comprehend Nie Li’s calligraphy because it was only targeted at those who are destined with it.

So she must not be the one who is destined for Nie Li’s sword intent, and that would be why she was having a hard time comprehending what Nie Li just did. We also got to know that Nie Li plans to go to the outside world, but it is his long-term plan as he believes that now is not the right time.

Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods

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Previously on Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342.5

The Demonstrations of the Dao intent has finally come to an end with Nie Li appearing as the star of the event. No other individual managed to collect more points than he did. So this managed to earn him respect and support from different sects that were present amongst the audience. 

Amongst the senior brothers was Xingyun, who was a little annoyed as well after he saw Nie Li taking all of the attention for himself. But all in all, everyone agreed that Ne Li’s Dao intent was exceptional. This had the leader of the Skyblaze sect offering his forces to support Nie Li whenever he would head to the outside world.

So if he would need any kind of help, he is always welcome to rely on the Skyblaze sect. With the exhibitions now over, it was finally the time for the banquet. But these were not good news for Nie Li, who hates banquets and would try and avoid them.

The large masses that were in attendance then prepared for the banquet next, which will be covered in the first section of the upcoming chapter. Tales of Demons and Gods has been consistently releasing new chapters in the same manner that it usually does. We should keep in mind that as chapters are released in sections. This means that we are through with Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 342, and we will start with Chapter 343 next.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 343 Release Date 

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 343 will be released on 2 September 2021. The chapter is usually released later in the day. The usual release schedule for new chapters will release Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 343.0 next which could also go by the name Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 343.1.

Then after another three days or so, we will get the last section of chapter 343, which will be Tales of Demons and Gods chapter 343.5, marking the end of tales of demons and gods chapter 343. This basically means that we get a full chapter in a period of around six days. That’s like a new chapter once every week. But since they are released in smaller sections, it made the wait a bit shorter rather than going for a full week with nothing new.

Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods

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