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What To Expect From Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2?

Main leads of The tale of the nine tailed
The poster of tale of the nine tailed Credit : TVN

The famous TVN’s  Korean drama Tale of nine-tailed ( 구미호뎐) staring Lee dong Wook came to an end recently, but the fans are already waiting for season 2.  The series is directed by Kang Shin-Hyo and produced under the studio dragon. The fantasy romance is a drama about a mythical nine-tailed fox in a Korean folk tale called gumiho (구미호뎐). The gumiho Lee Yeon was living in the city many centuries ago. He transforms into the human form most of the time but eradicates supernatural beings that trouble the mortal world. Meanwhile, His real reason is to find the reincarnation of his lost first love.

Not only the series did pretty well in tv series ratings. But also it got into many streaming platforms like Netflix, Viki, and WeTv. Also, the series has the Guardian (Goblin) actor Lee Dong Wook who rose to fame with his role of Grime Reappear. This was Dong Wook’s first drama in years where he was playing a supernatural character. Moreover, the Fantasy drama perfectly portrayed a Korean folk tale’s mystical creature to life. It was interesting to see how a nine-tailed fox was given the plot to change its form to stay with the humans. At the same time, keeping the original folk story of the nine-tail fox protecting the mortal from the supernatural entities being a threat.

About the tale of the nine-tailed.

The story is about a nine-tailed fox named Lee Yeon. He renounces his responsibility as the guardian mountain spirit of Baekdudaegan as he went on the quest for the reincarnation of his first love, Ah-eum. He follows her soul along the Samdo River and marks her with a fox bead so he can find her when she is reborn.

Yeon bids his services to Taluipa, a representative in the Afterlife Immigration Office, to annihilate supernatural entities that jeopardize the human world in trade for his first love, Ah-eum’s reincarnation. Over centuries, Yeon brushes by many lookalikes of Ah-eum, but none carry the fox bead. Meanwhile, the mountains become vulnerable in Yeon’s absence, and humans soon overrun and set fire to the mountain area. Yeon’s half-brother, Lee Rang, escapes the mountain and vows vengeance on all mortal beings.

Yeon later runs into Rang to implement the Afterlife Judges’ decree to retaliate Rang by death as he has slaughtered many innocent people. Rang lasts the execution through the assistance of a strange man but cultivates a deep contempt against his brother for choosing Ah-eum over him and being the mountain’s protector.

Yeon is living in the city with his faithful subordinate and fellow gumiho, Goo Shin-Joo. Whereas Rang, with the help of Ki Yoo-Ri. Repeatedly hurt mortal as a way of antagonizing his brother. While working on a mission, Yeon met Nam Ji-ah, a clever and courageous producer at TVC Station. Yeon saved Ji-ah from a car accident when she was a child. As she resemblance to Ah-eum.

The accident presumably kills her parents, but Ji-ah speculates her parents are still alive. Since their bodies were never found, and Yeon is the cue she has in locating them. It is ultimately revealed that she is Ah-eum’s reincarnation when the fox bead emerges on her. Yeon swears to safeguard her at all commands so she can live lengthier in this lifetime.

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Recap of the Last Episode of the tale of the nine-tailed 

(Spoiler Alert) Many people believe that we might be getting a season 2 for the event in the last episode of the series. The attention was focused on the ending of the tale of the nine-tailed. The last episode showed that Lee Yeon left a word to Nam Jia confessing his love and fell to Samdocheon with Lee Moo-gi. When the Moogi died, the mysterious disease that drove the citizens into terror also disappeared.

Miserable with Lee Yeon’s death. Everyone was suffering, and days went on. Just for one day to Nam Jia remembering the recording of Lee Yeon. Which leads to her remembering the fortune teller.  She went to a fortune teller with Lee Rang. It turned out that the fortune teller was the tenth king of the underworld who ruled the dark hell. Reincarnation is his responsibility.

Stills from the last episode of the tale of the nine-tailed

The tenth king suggests that for Lee Yeon to reincarnate, they exchange something precious to them. To which Nam Jia offers to sell her memories with Lee Yeon, but the tenth King didn’t want the memories. He asked for a life in exchange. Instead, he asked if Lee rang could give up his life in exchange. Lee-rang agreed with it because she thought it was a stolen life anyway; he gave up his life trying to save Lee Yeon. So the deal concludes with Lee Rang’s death.


Later, on a rainy day, Lee Yeon reincarnated as a human and appeared in front of Nam Jia. Jia and Lee Yeon finally swear to love by wearing a flower ring. Lee Yeon was spending his life as an ordinary person. He discovers a child who resembles Lee Rang as a child.  Also, When Lee Yeon seems to be living a human life. While It shows briefly that he visits  Samjae wearing a hahoe mask, swinging an umbrella, and decorated a reversal. Viewers revealed many doubts in the final scene, unlike Lee Yeon, who reincarnates as a human. His appearance and ability of Gumiho remain. This further stimulates viewers’ curiosity and raises expectations for’Gumiho’s Season 2′.

The Tale of The Nine-tailed Season 2 Release Date

As the show came to an end recently, not much information regarding season 2 is out yet. Still, there are many instances where it was a hint that there might be season 2, furthermore in an interview, the Director of Tale of the nine-tailed tasks about the continuation of the series. He mentions that the love and support the series got was quite overwhelming in itself.  And season 2 yet to be brought up in discussion. But he didn’t deny it, saying, ” Nine-tailed fox is a series that can continue further if possible. ” The fans took it as a hint for the possibility of another season.

It’s still unsure of exactly when season 2 of the tale of the nine-tailed will be on our screen again. With all the theories and speculation of the fans and netizens, we can tell there’s hope for another season. Till then, stay with us for more updates on drama the tale of the nine-tailed (구미호뎐).

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