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Takt op. Destiny Episode 3: Release Date & Spoilers

Takt op. Destiny Episode 3

Takt op. Destiny Episode 3 reveals how the war between D2 and Musicarts begins. The episode begins with the death of a respected man, as a young boy witnesses his father getting killed before his eyes. This had become a disaster for the government ever since the threat to humans’ life D2 appeared and began to assassinate them. From the latest Takt op. Destiny Episode, the government had addressed a resolve revealing the powers that could stop the D2. It has come to their realization that music can solve the problem. But D2 had ruthlessly torn the beautiful ideals apart, but no human will ever forget the will of a respected gentleman who recently died.

It is revealed that music has the brilliant power to strike down D2s. The government also talked about the Musicarts the Symphonica created to stop the D2s. They promised the citizens that they would protect them, but they must stop playing music until they got rid of D2. This has become difficult for the citizens, but they had to cooperate since anyone who played music is considered dead. The D2 kills those who play music since it is their weakness. They believe that music is poison for this world.

But the young boy who lost his father continues to play music. He is mourning his father’s death by playing music since it runs on his blood. The boy spent many years playing piano while shedding tears, reminding him of his deceased father. After so many years, we saw Takt in his room playing piano, and a blonde girl came to talk with him. Takt had not cleaned his room for weeks, and he had been playing piano while eating and throwing stuff on the floor. The blonde girl thinks it is time to clean his room and insists.

Previously Takt op. Destiny Episode 2

The two talked about the mess in the room, and the blonde girl thought that Takt was too lazy and tried to convince him to clean the room. Takt had his say about people who interfered when he was playing the piano. But the blonde girl is tough to deal with since she always has something to say. That makes Takt stop playing music and listen to her as they exchange some words since he is busy. The blonde girl thinks that she is there to make Takt live like a human.

Takt op. Destiny Episode 3

Takt op.Destiny

Tatk realized that he would never win an argument and decided to let the blonde girl do as she pleased. That makes Takt continue to play piano as the blonde girl cleans the room. The blonde girl seems to be losing focus on her cleaning and focuses on what Takt is doing. The tune that Takt was playing had drawn her attention and lost focus on her cleanings. But a mess happened when she accidentally swallowed a hit t-shirt using a vacuum cleaner.

Takt complains if she is her to clean or get on his way. The blonde girl is revealed to be Cosette and the two quarrel about that. Cosette likes to trouble Takt to get his attention. The third girl arrives notices it is that time where the two had to quarrel. The girl scolds the two for that, and Cosette continues to trouble Tatk every day. But Takt staying at home troubles Cosette, who thinks Takt should at least take some walk to the park or something. Takt is not interested in those ideas since he prefers to stay home and play music. That would be a time-wasting for Takt, and Cosette teased him for that.

Takt op. Destiny Episode 3 Release Date

Takt op.Destiny Episode 3 will be released on 20 October 2021. The war of words between Takt and Cosset will never end; even when eating, they keep fighting. Cosette feels pity for the piano that never gets time to rest. Later we saw Takt playing piano and imagined himself playing it for the world. But that can’t happen since music is banned. Fortunately, he got invited to a party and played the piano. Cosette helped him, and he became famous. But they face the D2 and use music to defeat them.

Takt op. Destiny Episode 3

Takt op.Destiny

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Watch Takt op.Destiny Episode 3 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Takt op.Destiny Episode 3 online on Crunchyroll & Bilibili on Wednesday at 12:00 AM JST. If you are in the UK or other countries, you can watch Takt op. Destiny Episode 2 online on Ani-One Asia (Playlist) and VRV via Crunchyroll. That is when Destiny was born after Cosette died, and Takt worked with her to punish D2. Destiny adress Tatk as Maestro. Let’s meet when Takt op. Destiny Episode 3 releases.

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