Takt Confronts Orpheus the God of D2s In Takt op.Destiny Episode 12

Takt op.Destiny Episode 12
Takt op.Destiny Episode 12

Takt op.Destiny Episode 12 reveals a mysterious object that engulfed New York City. Anna learns about Destiny and Takt’s cryogenic state, but her sister promises that she will find a way to cure them. Rengoku, Hell, and Sagan had a battle with Takt, Lenny, Destiny, and Titan that ended with Lenny getting injured. Takt op.Destiny reveals Takt’s life, who lost his parents in the hands of the D2s and wants revenge. In the latest episode of Takt op.Destiny, Sagan pierce himself with a crystal that summons earthquake. The crystals begin to emerge everywhere, and the citizens run for their life.

Sagan knows that he has scores to settle with Takt since Takt refused to serve him. The moon changed its color and turned purple after the incident ended. Takt wakes up in the morning and realizes that he is feeling pain. The news reporters report the incident in the middle of the night at New York Symphonica. Takt learns about that and wonders if Sagan is behind those incidents. The news reporters reveal that they have not heard anything from Symponica related to the incident. The government told the citizens to calm down and solve the mystery.

Destiny and Titan enters the room and tells Takt that Sagan is behind those incidents. She wonders why Charlotte and Anna have not returned home. Takt receives a note from Destiny and learns that Charlotte told Anna something important, and they are talking about it at the Symphonica. He realizes that Anna and Charlotte are where the incident took place. The new type of D2s emerges from the ground at the Symphonic. The Musicart that protects the HQ decided to hold them back until professional Musicarsts and Conductors come.

Previously on Takt op.Destiny Episode 11

Different Musicarts around New York City arrive at the scene and battle with the new D2s. Anna and Charlotte are inside a destroyed building, and Anna helps Charlotte since she is a wheelchair user. She asks Charlotte if she knows an emergency exit, and Charlotte tells her about the elevator on the west side. Anna believes that the rescue team might be on their way since it is morning already. They heard the voices of the people dying and realized that they had to hurry. Anna told Charlotte to hold on since they had to run fast.

Takt op.Destiny Episode 12
Takt op.Destiny Episode 12

Takt, Titan, and Destiny arrive at the lower part of the building. Titan told them that they were using the emergency path that would lead them to the center of the Symponica, and they had to be careful since they would be fighting soon. They also talk about Professor Scheider’s lab and rescue Charlotte and Anna. Takt realizes that Titan is planning something and wonders if she will rescue Anna and Charlotte. But Titan will be facing Sagan. Titan wants to punish Sagan for killing Lenny and realizes that if she kills Sagan, the chaos will end.

She realizes that Lenny fought to protect others, and she died doing that. Destiny told Titan they would come to help her take Sagan down when they finished rescuing Anna and Charlotte. They know that he won’t have a chance to face Sagan on 3v1. They enter a room and fight with a horde of D2s. Anna carries Charlotte on her back to avoid making noise. They managed to reach Takt, Destiny, and Titan. Walkure helped them defeat the D2s, but she was worried about Takt’s face since it has was red in color. Anna learns that Destiny, Takt, and Titan will face Sagan.

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Takt op.Destiny Episode 12 Release Date

Takt op.Destiny Episode 12 will be released on 22 December 2021. Anna realizes that anything can happen and asks Takt not to disappear. Takt told Anna that he would protect the music and save everyone. Anna kissed Takt and told Destiny to return with Takt no matter what. Destiny promised that they would return alive. Let’s look at Takt op.Destiny Episode 12 official details.

Takt op.Destiny Episode 12
Takt op.Destiny Episode 12

Watch Takt op.Destiny Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Takt op.Destiny Episode 12 online on Bilibili & Crunchyroll on Wednesday at 12:00 AM JST. You can watch Takt op.Destiny Episode 12 online on Ani-One Asia (Playlist) & VRV via Crunchyroll in the UK. Takt and Destiny head to confront Sagan and realize that it’s the final battle. Rengoku and Hell fuse and transform into Orpheus, the God of D2s. That was all about Takt op.Destiny episode finale.

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