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Take A Hike on BBC2: Release Date & Preview

Take A Hike on BBC2

If you want to watch Take a Hike on BBC2, we got you covered! We will tell you everything you need to know regarding the hiking show coming to BBC2 here at Otakukart! Firstly, Take a Hike is another one of those shows that BBC2 likes to drop for viewers out there, much in the vein of “Come Dine With Me”. Secondly, it’s a weekly show, so you can expect regular updates from the network. And lastly, it features comedian Rhod Gilbert as the host.

Take a Hike, hosted by Rhod Gilbert, features each week five walking enthusiasts on a long hike on lovely scenarios, picnics, and showcase entertainment. But that doesn’t end there. The walkers play each other for £500 worth of hiking gear! How cool is that? And to top things off, the ultimate winner gets a golden walking stick! Now, come with us here at Otakukart as we give you the broad strokes on the Take a Hike show on BBC2.

Take A Hike on BBC2: Release Date

Take a Hike on BBC2 will release on September 13, 2021, at 6.30 pm UK time. All episodes will last thirty minutes. And will run at the same time subsequently. If you missed an episode and have a tv license, no worries! You can watch that show on BBC iPlayer. If you’re outside the United Kingdom. Try using a VPN. Maybe you run with luck. Bear in mind that the BBC iPlayer is a very picky system and sometimes picks up virtual private networks.

Take A Hike on BBC2

Take A Hike on BBC2

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Take a Hike BBC2 Cast

Let’s meet the Week one of “Take a Hike” contestants. Firstly, there’s Helen, she’s 63 years old, and she’s a taxi driver. She walks the 5k like a boss in her hometown of Ilfracombe. Secondly, we have 29-year-old Julian from Lynmouth and Exmoor. He’s an 8km kind of guy who also beat a brain tumor. That kind of also makes him a tough guy! He likes nature, meditation. And he’s also a vegetarian pasta enthusiast. When he’s not beating cancer nor jogging, he’s a teacher assistant.

Thirdly, Rosie from the Teign river. Rosie is 29 years old. She runs the 8km along the Teign estuary along with South Devon. When she’s not jogging, she feeds lambs and drives a tractor. She likes picnics, and her specialty is potato hash. Fourthly, Chaz, 48 years old from Dartmoor. Chaz is a local councilor that likes hiking his wild moors. Moreover, Chaz hikes the 7km like a boss. He can do it under bad weather or good weather. His proposition on food is chickpea curry, and his competitiveness is his strong end. Lastly, we have Colin from Dartmouth. He owns a Bed and Breakfast in Paignton. He’s 65 and offers his best views from Greenway.

Take A Hike on BBC2

Take A Hike on BBC2

Benefits of a daily walk

You might notice that all the contestants are elderly. And that’s a good thing. A daily walk, no matter how old you are, is actually good for you. Studies over decades from reputed sources like the American Heart Association, the European Cardiology Association, and the World Health Organization concluded that daily physical activity, combined with a balanced diet, reduces the risk of heart disease and improves your overall health.

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You don’t have to be a marathonist. If you want to start walking, start out small, try ten to fifteen minutes a day and work your way up. Also, don’t gear up. That’s unnecessary. Just wear some comfy shoes and clothes, grab a bottle of water and get on your way. If you’re consistent, you will notice the changes in your body in a matter of weeks, from increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness to better feel and sleep. Hey, that daily walk may even lower that cholesterol your doctor always tells you about on your annual check-up, and you do nothing about. One more thing, remember that if you have a pre-existent condition, consult your doctor before starting any exercise routines. And that’s a wrap on this topic here at Otakukart. Hope we could have motivated you to “Take a Hike,” not only on BBC2 but also in real life!

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