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  • Attack On Titan Season 3

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    Attack On Titan Season 3 – Know What´s Coming

    Two months ago marked the ending of Attack on Titan season two with only 12 episodes being broadcasted.Wit Studio´s popular anime concluded itself with the announcement of the Attack On Titan Season 3 and it will return in Spring 2018. The Anime Expo Industry Presentation has the material ready for the next spring.The news was also […]

  • How to beat Moltres

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    Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Moltres Is Live And How To Beat It

    Team Mystic was placed first in Pokemon GO Fest by contributing most to the mystery challenges, Team Valor was placed second and Team Instinct was placed third. As Team Mystic won the event at GoFest, their legendary bird Articuno was released and Articuno raids were happening all around the world. Articuno was available to trainers […]

  • Dia Horizon Project Anime

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    Dia Horizon Project to premiere in October says Square Enix

    Dia Horizon Project multimedia Project by Square Enix was announced today. This Anime will be produced in installments and it’s first part consists of an Anime that will premiere in October.According to sources this Anime is about a boy and a girl with intertwined lives. The project’s official website released a promotional video. Dia Horizon […]