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    Dragon Ball Super: November 2017 Schedule

    With the current state of Dragon Ball Super, we are still in the Tournament of Power Arc which has been confirmed to continue until March 2018! Goku fighting against the powers of both Caulifla and Kale combined as their fused character, Kefla! With Goku struggling to fight against this foe using Super Saiyan God and […]

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    Universe 4’s Secret Weapon That Will Cause Big Trouble To Everyone

    During the span of time leading up to the Tournament of power, Universe 4’s God of Destruction was very active. Quitela turned Universe 9 to attack Frieza before the Tournament of Power, as well as try and convince the other universes to team-up upon Universe 7. However, since that point, Universe 4 has been entirely […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Leaked Images [Spoiler]

    Howdy Everyone, Dragon Ball Super recently revealed some images from Episode 115; So, without any more delays, let’s get started: Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc is half over and most of the unwanted warriors are eliminated. The most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super featured the fusion between Kale and Caulifla, resulting as […]

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    Unexpected Twist, Universe 6 Gets Erased?

    Out of all the participating universes, two of them are already erased. These are Universes Nine and Universe Ten. According to Spoilers, another Universe is about to be erased from the Tournament of Power. However, I believe Universe 6 is Going to be Erased in Episode 118. Universe 6 is the replica universe of Universe 7, being the […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Just Teased New Fusion

    The description of episode 115 piqued plenty of attention. You can check out the review of “Goku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!” “Fighting Universe 7’s Goku, Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale use the “Potara” earrings that Kaioshin’s wear to merge. In Goku vs. Kefla,” Kefla overwhelms him with miraculous power. Observing this, the people from […]

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    Why Goku Won’t Be The Last Man Standing From Universe 7

    Universe 7 is one of the most dominant Universes in the Tournament of Power, and along with Universe 6 and Universe 11. Universe 7 has many fitted contestants left. 1. Android 17 2. Android 18 3. Vegeta 4. Son Goku 5. Son Gohan 6. Frieza 7. Piccolo To guarantee their survival, they have to knock out […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Anime Is Not Ending

    Dragon Ball Super anime is more than two years old, and the anime is still going on high. “Dragon Ball Super” is quite popular in Japan and now getting dubbed in various other languages across the globe. But there are those fans who are already counting down the days until Dragon Ball Super ends. In […]