Taeyong Talks About Work, Life & Family With W Korea

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Taeyong For W Korea
Taeyong For W Korea

Recently, NCT’s Taeyong sat down with W Korea to talk about life, music, and fashion. Posing for the camera at the magazine, the idol shot some breathtaking pictorials. Taeyong made his debut with SM Entertainment’s NCT as the boy group’s leader in 2016. And till now, the idol has been part of two more sub-units under the agency. Talking about his current muse, the idol revealed he’s been in love with incense sticks these days. He also posed for the cameras wearing a skirt, which the idol found really fun. While it’s not the first time or usual thing, Taeyong does like the idea of wearing a skirt and absolutely rocking it.

The idol prefers clothes that show the dance line well. Or the fits that make look dancing better even in the same movement. Talking about the style that suits him, Taeyong said that since he has skinny legs. So he tries to avoid skinny jeans and chooses bootcut or straight-fit training pants. He often imagines how the clothes would look on him during practice while he’s out shopping. He also revealed that he loves to organize clothes, water plants, fill the humidifier with water, take a half-bath, or listen to music. These simple tasks help him relax after his hectic schedule.

Taeyong For W Korea
Taeyong For W Korea

Taeyong Talks About His Work & Life…

The duality in Taeyong’s personality shows when he’s on stage and when he’s just being a normal person. Talking about his must-haves items in life, the idol revealed that he can’t go anywhere without his phone, key card for his room, and the AirPods. The idol also talked about his love for basketball, art, and the piano. And the way he used to have a rap battle with his friends in high school is also one of his favorite memories to look back at. While he didn’t take it seriously back then, once entering SM, rap became his only focus. And the fact that people are happy looking at him succeeding in the thing he wants to just makes him happier. This also motivates him to get better as he doesn’t want to disappoint the people who have faith in him.

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Calling himself a ‘pitchfork’, the idol said that he knows hits shortcomings. And that he doesn’t really have any other option but to keep working hard. Taeyong called Dr. Cho Yong Pil his idol as after watching ‘Bounce Stage’ he wanted to be like him. He also aspires to be like Lee Soo Man. While his ultimate dream is to work with precious people who make stages together. He also talked about NCT and the sub-units. Recalling the time from debut song ‘The 7th Sense’ to ‘The Boss’, he saw that the more he performed on stage, the clearer his movements got. And the more his expressions grew. Calling every moment on stage was so precious and important, he didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Taeyong For W Korea
Taeyong For W Korea

Taeyong Also Talked About His Nephew…

Other than music, Taeyong likes drawing. He revealed that he often draws pictures based on his music as it’s fun to express the colors and shapes as he listens to the music. So while music is a complex thing, drawing is like the easy task the idol does to calm his mind. He also calls himself a blessed person as he’s doing the work that he’s been dreaming to do. The idol also talked about his nephew. He revealed that he was often caught up in worries as his nephew barely left him alone. But he finds it sweet that his little nephew finds comfort with him. Watching his nephew grow up is one of the biggest joys Taeyong currently has.

The idol also talked about his older sister as she inspires him a lot. When he entered SM, both siblings were busy with their own stuff, so they didn’t get to talk much. But the support from his family has always been there.

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