Sword Art Online Season 3 New Poster Revealed

The first part of Sword Art Online season 3 ended last week with its final episode. Before season 3 aka Alicization arc, it was revealed that this will be the longest running season of Sword Art Online anime. Now, that the first part of season 3 is finished the second part’s production has already started which will be released in October later this year.

Sword Art Online season 3 was absolutely awesome. In this season we saw Kirito again diving into the virtual world and making friends like Eugeo and Alice. Kirito tries to find a way to log out when he remembers that he already knows Eugeo and also has memories of a blonde girl named Alice.

Alice has been taken by the evil Administrator who has turned her into an Integrity Knight and has erased all her memories. Kirito manages to make Alice remember her past. Later on, they destroyed the evil Administrator during which poor Eugeo lost his life and Alice lost her eye. Kirito was the one who at last destroyed the Administrator and saved the virtual world.

Now, in the second part of Sword Art Online season 3, we will see the story continuing and entering a new phase. In this season we’ll see the Underworld in the heat of an awesome battle. There is going to be an attempt by Dark Territory to invade the land and Alice will be shown uniting a humongous army in order to battle the invading army.

Meanwhile, Kirito’s body is under severe threat in the real world as a new enemy has emerged and has begun recklessly attacking.

Sword art online season 3 part 2 release date

This means that in the next part of the third season we will see Kirito battling for his life which is under severe threat in both the real and the virtual reality world. I think that this new season is going to be just awesome.

If you guys think that Sword Art Online season 3 part one was a work of art just wait and watch the hype around the season 3 part two episodes which is surely even going to surpass even the standards set by Alicization arc. For those who are yet to watch the Alicization arc, you guys can easily stream it from Crunchyroll and Funimation.

I hoped at first that the second part of the season 3 will be released a couple of weeks after the end of season 3 part 1 but unfortunately, we have to wait some months more until we finally get the new arc which is known as “War of Underworld”.

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