Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 11 Review

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 11 – “Psycho LLENN” is the second to last episode of the series until they announce the second season so we can say that it is finally reaching its climax.

Gun Gale Online Episode 11 Review

The episode starts right where the previous one ended, with Pitohui waking up “sleeping beauty style” and massacring team MMTM by herself. It was really touching to see how much M loves her but it looks like Pitohui doesn’t feel the same. When David, MMTM’s leader, saw the Photon Sword, he immediately remembered Kirito wrecking havoc in the last BoB. Pitohui followed Kirito’s example and killed their entire team and 4 of them were killed with the sword. I’ve been wondering why there aren’t more players like Kirito or at least carrying a Photon Sword with them but it feels like it was only to make Kirito unique.

Gun Gale Online Episode 11
Pitohui killing the remaining 2 members of MMTM

After witnessing Pitohui’s rampage, most people are sure her team will win and it’s understandable. Even Llenn got scared after seeing how strong she is. Team SHINC suddenly decided they’re tired of waiting for Llenn and decide to charge in a suicidal attack since they probably knew they’ll get wiped out. Pito and M make short work of them and you can’t help but wonder if that was even necessary. Surely there must’ve been a better solution instead of running to your death without even dealing any damage. They could’ve tried to come up with a plan, maybe some grenades or decoys but apparently, no one got time for that except Llenn. Even Fuka decided to charge ahead by herself for no clear reason, only to have all of her limbs shot off by Pito and spared just because plot asks for it. Pito could’ve easily killed her at any time but since Llenn wouldn’t be able to win in a 1 vs 2, Fuka had to stay alive. I think they could’ve executed that better.

The only comedic moment of the episode was when Fuka tied one of Llenn’s shoe to one of her grenade launchers to make sure Llenn doesn’t stop her from doing something stupid. Fuka didn’t seem to mind all her limbs being shot off so she decided it’d be better to taunt Llenn for her inability to free herself- “You’re still at it, Alexander the Great?”. I couldn’t find a purpose for this moment aside from giving Llenn some more time to rethink her life choices and the episode would’ve been fine without it.

Llenn finally finishes her inner debate and enters her psycho mode after deciding there’s no point in caring about this whole situation and goes out to fight. Meanwhile, Fuka is still on the ground without arms and legs and Pito orders that she’s left alone, for no real reason.

The long-awaited fight finally begins, with M and Pitohui chasing Llenn in a car. Llenn constantly manages to outplay them but none of them can land a clear shot. Llenn even managed to jump right above their car when they were trying to hit her but all of her shots miraculously missed. It would’ve been anticlimactic for the fight to end like that so it is understandable that none of them can really land a shot. Pito finally breaks the ice and lands a hit on Llenn who was running on shallow water. Apparently, Llenn was drowning simply because she was sitting on water because why not. While Llenn just waits to be killed, Pito conveniently wastes time and acknowledges that Llenn is capable of killing her. Right when she finally decided to kill Llenn, Fuka comes to the rescue in another car. As the vehicles run out of fuel, they try to ram into each other. Both Llenn and Pito get thrown out of the car and the 1 vs 1 fight truly begins. Llenn manages to kick Pito in the face and kick her pistols from her hands while Pito looks more excited than ever.  This was a great way to end the episode as the final one will mainly focus on their fight and I expect it to be epic.

Llenn kicks Pito’s guns

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