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Sweet And Sour: Netflix’s Film Has A Brand New Trailer

Sweet & Sour release date
Upcoming South Korean movie Sweet & Sour

Sweet And Sour: Netflix’s film Releases a Brand new trailer, and it lets us get a glimpse of the actual picture from inside the movie. Via the trailer, we get to know what we as viewers can expect from the movie as a whole. Even if the plot is revealed or we have a slight idea of what can we expect from the film. The whole ideology changes with the presentation of the same. The brilliance of a movie is often created with phenomenal presentation and acting. The upcoming movie has been in talks for a while as we all know. But with the release of a new trailer, the clarity of the same extends to a greater reach.

Sweet and Sour is basically an upcoming south Korean romantic film. The movie has been in talks for a while, and its casting has been kept really interesting. With Krystal and Jang Ki Yong along with Chae So Bin in the main lead roles, the movie in all looks quite appealing. Since 2019 we have heard about the movie and its casting. In 2019 the casting was finalized, and even the filming began by the end of 2019 and concluded filming later the same year. The release of the much-awaited movie kept on getting delayed due to the ongoing worsening situation of the covid-19 pandemic.

Sweet & Sour new trailer released

Upcoming Korean movie Sweet & Sour

But finally, we’ll get to watch the movie in the comfort of our homes.  The movie is basically is describe well itself via its title,” Sweet And Sour”. Sweet and sour is the basic concept of our lives and doesn’t stay the same forever. The dynamic of our lives changes according to our relationships, and this concept has been hence portrayed well in the upcoming movie.

Sweet And Sour: Netflix’s film Releases Brand new trailer

The upcoming rom-com movie, sweet and sour is all set to premiere on the international streaming site Netflix. Much recently, the new trailer of the movie was released on 17th May 2021.

The trailer gives us a first-hand experience of what can we expect from the movie overall. the chemistry between the main leads to the overall presentation can be marked well at first glance via the Trailer. The trailer opens up with a sweet relationship between Jang Ki Yong and Chae So Bin. The two enjoy the sweet moments of life with each other in a car when suddenly Jang Ki Yong brings out a ring to surprise Chae So Bin. Their relationship runs smoothly until when the realities of life come in their way. Life and relationship both can not be the same all the time. So what happens with Jang Ki Yong and Chae So Bin as shown in the trailer. When day-to-day responsibilities start coming our way, things don’t fall in the right place always.

The cast of Sweet & Sour

The main lead actors from the upcoming movie Sweet & Sour

Jang Ki Yong has been cast in the movie for playing the role of Jang Hyuk. Chae So Bin has been cast for the role of Da Eun while Krystal has been cast for the role of Bo Young. While comforting Da Eun Jang Hyuk mistakenly takes the name of Bo Young. The hilarious reaction of Da Eun was much expected after that. Through the trailer, we can evidently see the clear dilemma Jang Hyuk is in. What happens next, who will he choose, and what will be the final fate of the three lead characters is something to look forward to. So very soon the fun light and the romantic movie is coming your way, till then wait patiently.

Sweet And Sour: Release Date

Sweet & Sour trailer released

A still from the upcoming movie Sweet & Sour

The Romantic and much-awaited movie, Sweet and sour is coming our way on 4th June 2021. The movie will release on the global streaming site Netflix. The estimated duration of the movie is around 1hr 40min. The direction of the movie has been done under  Lee Gye-Byuk. And the genres of the drama include romance, comedy, and melodrama. How this trio solves its complicated relationship and makes it simple is something to look forward to.

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