Swamp Thing TV Show Release Date Confirmed

Swamp Thing is DC’s one of the unique and weird creatures and also one of the relatively unknown ones as well. Nonetheless, some of the TV series makers have taken an interest in its story, and hence now we’ll be getting a whole new series on just Swamp Thing.

It was revealed during WonderCon that Swamp Thing would be released on 31 May 2019. The plot of this series does seem more interesting than weird. So, who knows this series might get some positive reaction as well if it is made well. Here is a bit of a synopsis for you all regarding Swamp Thing:

The story kicks off with the introduction of Abby Arcane who is a researcher who returns to her hometown in Louisiana. She comes back in order to investigate a deadly swamp virus which has been spread around the town.

Swamp Thing Release Date

Since she is on it, she meets Alec Holland with whom she develops a good bond and falls in love with, but he tragically disappears. Abby will get to know the horrifying and mystic secrets of the swamp and will keep searching for her love Holland.

The cast of the show includes Andy Bean, Jennifer Beals and more. During the interview, the creators of the series have told the reporters that they have tried to make this series as hard R rated as possible. So, the audience is able to grasp the tension going on the series as well as it provides them with a little thrill which is as this series should be and not try to make it lighthearted which will destroy the whole storyline of Swamp Thing.

Also, the creators said that they had taken inspiration from the previous Swamp Thing TV show which aired back in the 1990s. This series can get a bit weird, scary and extreme at times. So, hold on to your hearts while watching this new series coming out on 31 May 2019.

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