Spoilers & Recap: Surviving Romance Chapter 19

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Surviving Romance Chapter 19
Surviving Romance

Survive Romance or Surviving Romance is an ongoing Korean manhwa or webtoon published on Naver and WEBTOON. It is one of a good mixture of Isekai and Horror genres. Do not get fooled by the webtoon title. It mainly focuses on the main character, Eun Chaerin, who happens to transport in the romantic novel ‘I’ll Love You Every Day’ and becomes the protagonist of it. Since she already read the novel, she knows how the story will unfold and how she will get her happy ending with male protagonist Yu Jeha. However, an unexpected entry of an extra and a bizarre situation turns the whole novel from a romantic to a horror-zombie one. In the latest chapter 19, we will get to see some secrets unfolding.

The manhwa Surviving Romance launched on Naver in January 2021. It is an ongoing horror webtoon created by the same author of The Makeup Remover, Lee Yone. Since the release of the manhwa, it has been receiving good reviews. The webtoon has combined Isekai and Horror genres with an excellent storyline. The readers immerse in it once they start reading it. One of the significant points is that the webtoon presents every character’s views and not just the main leads. Hence readers get to know how the story unfolds from all characters’ perspectives. Even though only a few chapters are released so far, the manhwa making a great job of keeping readers on their toes.

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Survive Romance Chapter 19 Release Date

Survive Romance Chapter 19 will be released on 5 August 2021. It is available in both Korean and English languages. The webtoon premiered on 15 January 2021 on Naver, and its English version premiered on 14 April 2021 on WEBTOON by Lee Yone. While the Korean version of each new chapter releases once a week every Saturday on Naver, the English version releases every Thursday on WEBTOON. Until now, 28 Korean chapters and 18 English chapters have been released. 

If you understand the Korean language or you are a native person, you read it on Naver. International fans can read it on the WEBTOON (LINE Webtoon) website or mobile app. Once you create an account on WEBTOON, go to ORIGINALS, click on THURSDAY in the ONGOING section, and there you will find the webtoon. We suggest readers read it on the legally licensed platform rather than illegal sites. The creators put so much effort into their work, therefore support them by reading their work only on legally licensed sites.


Surviving Romance Chapter 19
Surviving Romance

Plot Summary 

The webtoon Survive Romance or Surviving Romance is an ongoing Korean manhwa. It is not one of those cliché romance manhwas. The webtoon story revolves around the high school girl Eun Chaerin who is transported in her favorite romance novel and becomes the protagonist of ‘I’ll Love You More’. There is no clear explanation on how she transports. Since she has already read the whole story, she knows how the story unfolds. But what she does not know, how wrong she is.  

She knows how she will get her happy ending with the male lead Yu Jeha, the love interest. Ultimately, that day comes. However, a bizarre twist completely changes the story. Now she will need the help of an unlikely character from her class to defy the new storyline. And find her happy ending- If only she can figure out who this Unknown Extra is first! Thus her new adventures horror journey begins with her classmates joining her. 

Surviving Romance Chapter 19
Surviving Romance Chapter 1 scene

Spoilers of the Webtoon

In the first chapter, we see Eun Chaerin transports into her favorite novel, becomes the female lead, and receives praises everywhere she goes. As she knows the sequence of the story, she follows it, knowing that will lead her to a happy ending. The story begins as she walks to school. While crossing the road, she deliberately marches forward, knowing a truck is coming her way. However, even before she gets hit by the truck, a hand grabs her shoulder and pulls her back. As she back collides with the front of the person, she smiles, already knowing the identity of her savior, who is none other than the main protagonist of the novel Yu Jeha.

After confirming her wellness, Yu Jeha tells her to come to the school music room during lunchtime while blushing hard. Eun Chaerin agrees, knowing he will confess to her according to the novel sequence. It shows the extras from the novel do not have any faces. She passes through the extra characters and makes her way to the music room. Entering the room, she suddenly gets a hug from behind, making her mentally dance in glee. However, remembering this scene did not happen in the original story, she turns around. To the shock of the century, she sees an unknown student with skin turning blue, black eyes, and blood-sooked clothes- a zombie student.

Instantly Eun Chaerin smacks him with a fire extinguisher. At the same time, the school announced an emergency that due to an unknown virus, some students with blue skin are attacking other students- Zombie Apocalypse. The school atmosphere suddenly turns into a horror film. She runs a half-understanding situation but gets caught by darkness. As the darkness consumes her, she suddenly springs up from the bed. If it seems like a dream, you are mistaken. She sees a bite mark on her palm, and the chapter ends with narrating- “Today is starting all over again”. In the latest chapter 19, Eun Chaerin and her classmates will try to find out the culprit who was killing other students. To find out what happens next, read the webtoon and join Eun Chaerin in this surviving romance journey.

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