Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7: Unhuman Nature Preview, Release Date, Spoilers

Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7

In this post, we are going to talk about Supernatural season 14 episode 7 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. The last episode featured a case, which was being explored by Charlie and Sam. Charlie was on full detective mode as she tracked all the disappearances, and they all led to a bus stop. So, Sam and Charlie had to wait for anything fishy to happen around the place.

During that, Charlie said she wants to quit hunting, but Sam did not take it seriously as she keeps said something similar before but she could not leave hunting at all. On the other side, Jack and Dean were also on a hunt, where Dean made Jack understand how is it to go on work with him. So, let’s talk more about the upcoming episode ahead!

Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7

Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7: Unhuman Nature

The show is now six episodes deep into its fourteenth season, and the seventh episode is supposed to drop this week. The seventh episode of Supernatural season 14 is projected to release on 28 November 2018. The show is broadcasted on The CW channel at 8 PM every Thursday.

Supernatural can also be watched online on The CW app, which is the easiest and the most convenient way to watch any of the CW show cost-effectively. Moreover, there are several online streaming service providers such as Hulu, Roku, DirecTV Now where viewers can stream Supernatural online by watching The CW channel at the discussed time.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Sam again working, and this time he is with Castiel. They both will locate a shaman who might be capable of helping their friend, and it is still unclear who is going to need the help. On top of that, Nick is still on the search for answers related to his wife and son’s death, and he will go to any extent to figure out the details. Above all, Jack is still struggling to live as an ordinary human without powers, and he will go to Dean for knowing about how to enjoy being human. Take a look at the trailer below for more information!