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Superman & Lois Episode 12 Ending Teases New DC Comic Villains

Superman & Lois Episode 12 Ending Teases New DC Comic Villains

Here, we will find out about Superman & Lois Episode 12 Ending Teases New DC Comic Villains. It seems like the brand new series Superman & Lois has a lot for their viewers in the coming time! While the show focuses on a whole new side of the DC superhero and his family, it seems like the pair has a lot to fight for in the coming episodes. With Superman’s deadliest enemy Zoe back with a motive all the eviler, will The man of Steel be able to change for his family? As he struggles with his other side, how will he fight against Edge in the newest episode? 

As the show focuses on the Clark family and how they struggle to keep their powers a secret from their children, there’s no respite with some of the biggest DC villains making their way into the newest episodes of the series. While the final episode was all about a shocking cameo, a brutal battle between Superman and Morgan Edge, and a gruesome fate in the store for The Eradicator! Let us know all about Superman & Lois Episode 12 Ending Teases New DC Comic Villains. 

Superman & Lois Episode 12 Ending Teases New DC Comic Villains

As the first season’s final episode is finally here, all hell was broken loose on the Clark family. However, at the end of it, Clark is rescued, and he is soon reunited with his family on the Kent farm. The biggest twist? Well, it is not over, and there are a few DC villains that might make their way in time. While Edge is still locked up in a cell powered by Kryptonite, it hinted at the fact that some of Eradicator’s powers were transformed into him as well. While Edge could not savor his victory, his vengeance is not over, and he will get back at Clark, it seems.

Superman & Lois Episode 12 Ending Teases New DC Comic Villains

As fans saw how the Kryptonian technology was destroyed and the rocket ends up hitting the edge. This forced the villain to fall back to Earth, where he’s locked up by the Department of Defense. Apart from Morgan Edge, are the makers planning to bring another DC villain on board?

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Why is Superman Keeping His Identity Hidden From The Boys?

As fans saw from the very pilot of the series, Clark has decided to keep his super alter ego a secret from his children. While Clark and Lois might not be on the same page about this, they are often seen to be involved in a debate about whether it is the right thing to do! Take a little sneak peek as John Henry Irons reminds Superman of his family while asking him to fight his inner demon this time. 

The couple had broken into a fight after Clark missed Jordan’s therapy session, and Lois said how important it is for their children to know all about their father. While she also pointed out that Clark knew about it when he was 6, he defended that, saying that he grew up on a farm, and it was vastly different. While Clark might be convinced that it is dangerous for them to know, Lois thinks it is more dangerous if they don’t.

Fans Saw A Shocking Cameo In Superman And Lois!

If you haven’t already Episode 12, titled Through the Valley of Death, you are in for a surprise! Fans saw John Diggle make his way into the show, and it surely has opened several questions for fans! With John Diggle back, it implied that Lyla was still in charge at ARGUS and that they were still in Star City. Diggle’s appearance has surely opened a possible Arrowverse crossover! 

Superman & Lois Episode 12 Ending Teases New DC Comic Villains

At the end of episode 12, we saw Edge having a little spark in his eyes, suggesting that he might not be the same Morgan Edge. With him being locked up, is he going to come back to seek revenge as he is surely not done with the Kent family! However, the danger is still there and might come back all the stronger. 

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