Supergirl Movie Production Confirmed to Start From Early 2020

The news is out and it has been all but confirmed by Forbes that Supergirl movie will start its production from the first part of 2020. This also means that the casting part of the movie will be happening in the upcoming months as well. So, what does this mean for Henry Cavill and his Superman role? It does seem that Superman movies will be put on hold for some time now and it could mean that Henry Cavill will part ways with DC as well but that is not a certainty.

There is a clear trend or formula that DC has started to follow here. At first, DC started off with a squad of heroes movies like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice which was a widely popular movie but after that Suicide Squad and Justice League were huge disappointing movies as the hype for them was crazy. After that DC has followed a trend of releasing movies having just a particular superhero.

These sort of movies have always been popular and have been successful for the DC universe. Like Man of Steel, Wonder Woman and recently Aquaman and Shazam.


Even though Shazam didn’t have a big name superhero but it managed to out person most in the market which was highly unexpected from the movie. Shazam, unlike other DC movies, was pretty light-hearted as well which was one of the major reasons for its success.

Also, it seems that the DC universe has put the superhero team movies on hold for now and their sole focus seems to be on solo superhero movies. Starting from Todd Phillips Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie, after that we will be getting another one of Wonder Woman movies, which is titled Wonder Woman 1984, next up seems to be yet another sequel of the successful solo movie known as Aquaman 2, finally after that will be the release of the first instalment of the rumoured trilogy of Batman movies by Matt Reeves in which Robert Pattinson will be Bruce Wayne aka Batman about which the whole world seems displeased.

Then after all these movies are out will be the time for our Supergirl to make it to the big screen for the first time in like forever. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Supergirl movie and when do you think that the movie will be released. Are you excited about getting a Supergirl movie?

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