Super Junior’s Kyuhyun To End His 4 Season Project With This Comeback

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Kyuhyun comeback

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun will be ending his PROJECT: 季 this month with his upcoming comeback! The project had started off back in the month of July in the year 2022 with the song as dreamy as its title ‘Dreaming’. He had also been releasing songs throughout 2021 as part of this project. And finally, Kyuhyun himself had announced on January 9 that with this comeback, he would be ending his PROJECT: 季 on this month! Kyuhyun posted a video on Twitter confirming the fact. He started out by greeting his fans and saying that he will be finally wrapping up his four seasons project with a winter album that will be dropping on January 25. He also mentioned that he wanted to be the one to tell the news to his fans which is why he has made this video.

Kyuhyun finished off the video by reminding his fans to take care of themselves in the winter and had requested fans to show a lot of interest in his upcoming mini-album, which will be released very soon. When will Super Junior’s Kyuhyun make his comeback with the mini-album? The album will be released on January 25 at 6 PM KST. See the video for yourselves:

More About Kyuhyun’s Project And Comeback

This mini-album called ‘Love Story’ will be the album that represents the winter. You see, each album that Kyuhyun has released as part of the project represents a season. His 2020 June release Daydreaming symbolized summer, October 2020 release called Daystar represented the autumn season, Moving On represented the winter of January 2021. Continuing, Coffee signifies the spring season of April 2021, and Together had represented the summer of June 2021. It is amazing how much effort the artist has put into this project. Who would have thought that they could release a new song signifying each season as part of their project? Yeah, no one else but Kyuhyun could have thought of such a brilliant idea!

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Kyuhyun comeback

The artist had proved his worth ever since he had debuted alongside the members of Super Junior. And when he made his solo debut with Gwanghwamun and Fall, we found out just how beautiful his music colors were individual!

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