Super Junior: Solo Remix Version of D&E’s ‘Lost’ Revealed in Emotional MV

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Donghae from Super Junior has revealed this new solo track, and the internet is flooded with the crowd. The release of a solo remix version of the song “Lost” has crashed down the internet and social media platforms, and there is no doubt that this is going to be something really significant for the group and Donghae. The updates are everywhere, and the song has bagged the headlines of every other media platform. Being one of the hit tracks from Super Junior’s D&E, the success of this new remix is quite guaranteed.

The solo remix version of the song is on the trending list and is going to stay there for a long time now. With the upcoming schedules of the group, this release was a big add-on to the treats for their lovable fans all over the world.

Here we have summarized all the details and updates about this new remix track. So, without taking any more of your time, let’s have a look inside.

Lost: Know Everything About the Solo Remix Version

Donghae has revealed the new track, and it is already on everyone’s playlist. The song was originally sung by Super Junior’s D&E.

The song was originally released back in the year 2018 and was composed and written by Donghae with J-Dub. It was revealed as the sixth track of D&E’s second mini-album titled “Bout You.” The song was loved by all his fans back in 2018, and now its new version release has swept all the attention like a cool summer breeze.

Super Junior: Solo Remix Version of D&E’s ‘Lost’ Revealed in Emotional MV
Donghae: Solo Remix of Lost

Its new version released by Donghae has a slowed-down tempo, giving it a look more of an emotional track. The MV of the solo remix is centered around the song’s heavy mood and is backed beautifully with aesthetic black and white effects. Overall, the solo remix track of “Los” is doing pretty well with the fans and social media.

If you haven’t already watched the masterpiece, then do go for it.

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Super Junior D&E: Know the Duo

D&E is recognized as the fifth sub-unit of the South Korean boy band Super Junior. The D&E stands for the duo’s two members, Donghae & Eunhyuk. Operating under SM Entertainment, the duo debuted on December 16, 2011, and released” “Oppa, Opp,” their digital single, and” “First Lov” as their B-side single. Also, they made their Music Bank debut on the same day as their official debut.” “Bout Yo,” which was their second Korean EP, was released on August 16, 2018. It was released in three versions: the D&E version, Donghae version, and Eunhyuk version. The D&E version of the EP bagged the first position on the Gaon chart and became a huge success by selling more than 101,100+ copies.

D&E is one of the popular duos in the South Korean music industry and has bagged the 2015 Popularity Award at Asia Model Awards and Album of the Year and Best 3 Album at2016’ss Japan Gold Disc Award. They have crossed the Asian boundaries, and now their discographies are popular all over the world, and undoubtedly, they have won millions of hearts with their amazing music.

Super Junior: Solo Remix Version of D&E’s ‘Lost’ Revealed in Emotional MV

The duo released their first Korean studio” “Countdown” on November 2, 2021. Both the song members have released solo songs as pre-release singles for their upcoming album. On October 13, Donghae’ss new single” “California Love,” featured Jeno of NCT. On the other side” “B” was released by Eunhyuk on October 20.

The new update about the duo is that they will return with a fantastic comeback accompanied by an epilogue album. The announcement about their upcoming epilogue album was made through their official Twitter page on November 30.  Titled “Countdown – Zero ver. (Epilogue” is considered a follower of their first album” “Countdown” which was released on November 2.” “Need “which is an additional track is included in their new epilogue album.” “Need “is a pop track packed with trendy melody and contained lyrics which is going to have an immediate effect on its listeners.

The release of this new album will be on December 10 at 6 PM KST. It will be available on various music platforms. Do check it out!

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