Sunflower Ending Explained: Did Mr. Ahuja Get Caught?

What Went Down In The Ending Of Sunflower?
From Zee5's Sunflower Featuring Sunil Grover as Sonu Singh

Zee5 brings in a thriller drama which instead of playing on the whodunnit plot, plays on who shouldn’t be caught. Yes, that’s what Sunflower is all.  about. Vikas Bahl has written the show directing alongside Rahul Sengupta. Produced under Reliance Entertainment, Actor/Comedia/Singer Sunil Grover serves as the star power for the show. Talented Individuals such as Ranvir Shorey, Girish Kulkarni, Shonali Nagrani, Sonal Jha, and Ashish Vidyarthi join Grover in a unique take on the murder mystery genre. So how does it end with us already knowing the real killer? Here is our take on Sunflower’s Ending Explained.

Sunflower follows the story of Sonu who likes everything to be perfect. Life is great until a murder takes place at his Sunflower society of a man named Raj Kapoor. The shower reveals it’s his neighbor Mr. Ahuja who murdered him after being troubled. Much like every murder mystery, the movie starts suggesting different killers with only us, the murderer and his wife knowing who is the killer. The evidence somehow circles back to Sonu for his innocent and different nature resulting in a story of he shouldn’t be caught. Anyway, the show comes to a near close by a major motive pointing at Sonu. So did Police caught him? What went down? Let’s find out.

What Went Down In The Finale Of Sunflower?

The finale of Sunflower opens with a glimpse of Sonu visiting a wedding. He clicks a picture with the bride. The same picture the cops are investigating and finally has an address of the bride. It was Juhi and Ashish Jalan’s wedding. As officer Tambe hunts Sonu down, Inspector Digendra meets Juhi Jalan, the bride in the picture. Showing the picture, Digendra gets to know that she used to work at Raj’s and Sonu was her ex-boyfriend.

Breaking Down The Finale Of Sunflower
From Zee5’s Sunflower

Juhi breaks down how she met her husband Ashish. Plus the fact how he persuaded her to hate Sonu and choose Ashish over him. Someone who is equal to her and her class according to Raj. He wonders how she rejected him several times but chose someone like Sonu. The other problem in the conversation was Sonu who overheard everything from a table behind. Most importantly he heard Juhi saying she will think about Ashish over Sonu. Thus leading Sonu to leave. Digendra leaves without letting Juhi know what is about.

Juhi Jalan Gives Major Motive For Sonu In Sunflower Ending
From Zee5’s Sunflower Featuring Pallavi Das as Juhi

At the moment the cops do have a motive which suggests Sonu could have killed Raj. They bring in the search warrant for Sonu and an extensive search begins. Meanwhile, Sonu approaches a key maker to break his house down. Initially denying to come, the key maker agrees when Sonu decided to sit at his stall. At the Sunflower Society, Mr. Iyer brings a new form and rules into force Sunflower Society. A form that brings in weird restrictions such as No Bachelor, No divorcee, or people with multiple marriages. Only corporate people and no people with film connections will be allowed and no gays either.

Sunflower Ending Explained

The ending scenes of Sunflower sees the speech of Mr. Iyer being interrupted twice. First by the key-maker Sonu sent. Second when the cops arrive turning everyone’s head. The cops are certainly here to apprehend Sonu as Mr. Iyer is informed. He makes it an official announcement in the speech. While many are shocked, Mr. Ahuja is certainly embracing as he is about to get away with the murder.

Did Ahuja Get Caught In Sunflower's Ending?
From Zee5s Sunflower Featuring Mukul Chadha Mr. Ahuja

The cops come across the key maker Sonu sent and ask him to continue breaking the lock. He also sends a bunch of cops to the key maker’s shop to look for Sonu. The search at the house leads the cops to find some syringes and coconut with which Raj was murdered. Ahuja had left the coconut in the corridor in a previous episode after removing the fingerprints. Sonu had come across it and picked it up to throw it in his dustbin. The cops have another evidence against Sonu now.

How Did SUnflower End?
From Zee5’s Sunflower

Meanwhile, before cops could reach Sonu, a group kidnaps him from the stall and take him towards Amritsar. The episode also closes in with Mr. Ahuja’s wife confronting Ahuja. She is done after all the times he treated her badly.  Now she has an upper hand over him with a big secret of his. Furthermore, the show has left an open ending with the case still unsolved. Will the cops find the real culprit? Where is Sonu been taken? Will he return to prove his innocence? Only Sunflower Season 2 could answer the scenario.

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