Summer 2022 Anime Lineup On Cartoon Network India: Are They Rumors Or Facts?

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Summer 2022 anime lineup on Cartoon Network India Rumor or Fact?
Summer 2022 anime lineup on Cartoon Network India Rumor or Fact?

There are a lot of things going on in the anime industry. However, the hype in its popularity made a lot of networks introduce them. Cartoon Network was once one of the top-rated Cartoon and anime airing TV networks. The network was so popular among all ages due to the variety of programs it provided. We all must have remembered the days when we used to watch the programs on Cartoon Network all day. It became one of the first channels which introduced us to anime at such a young age. However, those programs were discontinued soon enough as they got replaced with some American animations. There is a rumor that was currently flowing about Cartoon Network India, which will surely make all Indian Otakus nostalgic. Cartoon Network has introduced a Summer 2022 anime lineup on the channel exclusively for viewers in India.

There is so much excitement because it’s been so long even to remember when we got to see some good shows on the Cartoon network. However, there are certain doubts related to this announcement, and we have to go in-depth before we can confirm anything. Since incidents like this have happened before, we must get into it and look out at all the details to see if it is a rumor or truth.

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About Cartoon Network

No matter which era you belong to, you will know the name Cartoon Network. It is an American Cable television channel that is owned by Cartoon Network Inc. It is a native channel for the United States but is available in many countries in their own regional languages. Its main headquarters are situated in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It was launched on 1st October 1992, and it’s been 29 years since the channel has remained at the top of the cartoon and animation sector. As for Cartoon Network India, it was launched on 1st Mary 1995, and it’s been serving for 26 years. In India, they provided a lot of programs, including “Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Ben 10,” “Beyblade,” “Powerpuff Girls,” “Courage the cowardly dog,” and many others.

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Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network Characters

Summer 2022 Anime Lineup On Cartoon Network India

Now is the time of big revelation. The news regarding the Summer 2022 anime lineup on Cartoon Network India sounds so unreal because it’s been quite some time since we all have noticed how the channel turned itself for purely pre-schoolers. Every Indian animation lover kid is aware of the struggle to stay up late at night in order to watch the old anime on the channel. However, this is purely a luck-based task. This happened on some extremely special days. The news right here does not sound real due to some previous rumor that circulated. Previously we got to hear of “Powerpuff Girlz Z” that was about to come to India, but due to some licensing rights, it was canceled.

Similarly, there were many rumors about Dragon Ball Z back on Cartoon Network India. At that time, the original Indian Voice actor of Goku Ankuri Javeri posted on Instagram that it would surely come back. However, even after that, we don’t get to hear from the authorities. But now it feels like the actor was giving us some insight into the future happening. Recently, Cartoon Network India has launched a new promotion campaign named “Redraw Your World”. As per this new project, the channel is assuring some classic anime and cartoons to come back.

Cartoon Network India Redraw your World
Cartoon Network India Redraw your World

What Is ‘Redraw Your World’ By Cartoon Network India?

Since it’s the time that Summer Vacations are reaching out, the popular network decided to launch its own Summer Special campaign. You can all see this as a marketing strategy, but anyways it is good for the viewers. As per this, the network is assuring the 200 hours of broadcasting of new content of some old programs. These include “Ekans – Ek is Badhkar Snake,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Dragon Ball Super,” “Digimon Adventures,” “Lamput,” “Powerpuff Girls,” “Ben 10”, “DC Super Hero Girls,” “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” and “Tom and Jerry”. There are some expectations that more Japanese anime will be introduced on the channel very soon.

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They are expected to be old ones only that were broadcasted previously. Other than this, there is a separate lineup for the kids, precisely the pre-schoolers. Abhishek Dutta, the South Asia Network Head, Cartoon Network, said that “we are going to introduce the stories to encourage kids and fuel their imagination”. There is a lot that is on its way to Cartoon network India this summer, so stay tuned for the latest updates on this.

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