Preview & Recap: Suitor Armor Episode 47

Suitor Armor Episode 344
Suitor Armor Episode 344

Suitor Armor Episode 47 will be released next in the webtoon’s release schedule. The webtoon has been going on for a while and will continue to release new weekly chapters. The confusing part about this webtoon, if you are new to it, would be its release format, as it has both episodes and chapters just for the naming’s sake. Sailor Armor episode 46 is also known as Suitor Armor chapter 46 as well. So unlike most webtoons, this one is consistent in its chapters and episode releases. It has been the tradition of most webtoons to refer to new chapters as episodes, and most fans who follow them also use episodes more often than chapters.

So for other webtoons, the chapter number and episode number usually differ, which might be confusing. Looking at the latest episode of Sailor Armor which was released earlier today, lady Lucia has made it to the wedding and seems to be having a good time with Norrix. He has invited her to the dance floor as they catch up on how things have been going. Lucia wants to stay in the castle after the wedding and become a mage, but she seems to be having second thoughts about it. She asks Norrix how he was able to become a mage with so much pressure. So she seems to be having a hard time.

This has been influenced by the use of Modeus in the ongoing war. Lucia is concerned since Modeus was invented to replace troops in the war and how it has increased casualties recently. So instead of worrying, Norixx told her that she should enjoy herself instead as weddings are times to celebrate.

Suitor Armor
Suitor Armor

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Previously on Suitor Armor Episode 46

Lucia is uneasy even though she is at a wedding because she knows that there is still an ongoing war out there. She can’t help but worry about such a joyous ceremony. So Norixx tries to reassure her that she should take this time to relax, and she will worry about the ongoing war after the ceremony.

Throughout the ceremony, she will have to keep on pretending. This has become worse for her since she has become so good at pretending, and it always makes her feel guilty and confused. She wants to remain loyal to the fairies, and all this that has been going on with her having to pretend always makes her feel like she is pretending.

Well, at least she has Norixx, who is trying his best to make her feel better. She has been experiencing mixed emotions all along, so this has been a huge burden upon her. While they are still busy with their dance, a lot has been happening in the background as the wedding ceremony continues.

It seems to be a big ceremony with a lot of attendance and royalties are amongst them. So it will be interesting how things will turn out and what we will see Lucia finally deciding at the end of the ceremony. A lot of factors seem to be influencing her judgment at the moment. So whatever she decided might have some impact on the ongoing war.

While Lucia was still dancing with Norxx, who want to be relieved of all the duties of a mage. Now, she only wants to focus on the wedding for the day, so a lot of things seem to be about to happen. So we should see how this goes on in the next chapters. A strange gentleman approached them and asked to dance with Lucia instead, and he seems to be of a royal family. So next, we will see how this confrontation will turn out to be.

Suitor Armor Episode 47 Release Date

Suitor Armor Episode 47 will be released on 13 August 2021. New episodes or chapters are always released on Thursdays. The webtoon has been releasing new chapters consistently, so we should expect the next episode without any delays. For full details on the webtoon, you can also check out its official website: Webtoon.

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