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Succession Season 3 Ending Explained: Did Kendall Die?

Succession Season 3 Ending Explained
Succession Season 3

Season 3 of Succession finished on a stunning low note for the Roy children. The HBO drama has always been about who will receive a kiss from daddy — er, who will wow Logan Roy (Brian Cox) sufficiently to be crowned his eventual successor. Logan struck a risky agreement to sell Waystar Royco to Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard) and his streamer GoJo at the end of Succession Season 3 Episode 9 “All the Bells Say.” Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook), and Roman (Keiran Culkin) couldn’t stop him in a tragic turn of events. Not even a collaboration.

Smith-Cameron had previously described the Season 3 conclusion of Succession as “upsetting” and “scary.” While most imagined this meant someone would die, trust and dreams were the only things that died at the end of the episode. So, what occurred, exactly? Kendall, Shiv, and Roy had been deceived by someone. How did Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) win? The Season 3 conclusion of Succession is discussed here…

Succession Season 3 Ending Explained: Who Betrayed The Trio?

There were no deaths. However, later in Succession Season 3 Episode 9, Kendall’s attempt on his own life sparks a deeply emotional discussion. He ultimately tells Shiv and Roman about his role in the death of the waitress from Season 1. Shiv and Roman are astonishment-inducingly helpful. That’s when the truth sinks in: their father is ready to sell Waystar Royco to Lukas Mattson…

Kendall, Roman, and Shiv were basically deceived by everyone this week, from their mother (Harriet Walter) to good old Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun). However, it appears that one person was responsible for the trio’s demise. But first, let’s set the scene for why their loss was so tragic… Logan and Roman have a meeting with the mercurial Swede Matsson in Season 3 Episode 9 of Succession. Logan specifically asks Matsson if they have a deal, to which Matsson responds by pointing out that Waystar Royco is on its way down. The popularity of GoJo is increasing.

Succession Season 3 Ending Explained

Succession Season 3 Episode 9 – Kendall

The Roys may have legacy content, but in the ever-expanding world of streaming, digital, and online entertainment, they have no future. So, in front of Roman, Matsson proposes that they combine as equals. Logan will have a nice title and a seat on the board, but Matsson will be in charge of everything. Logan will be able to cash in all of his chips and rest assured that his company will survive… even if it means passing it off to someone outside the family.

Roman dismisses the idea, but it becomes evident afterward that Logan is intrigued. Kendall, Shiv, and Roman devise a scheme after learning that Logan skipped the wedding to seal the transaction. It’s a beautiful moment in an ironic way. The three siblings, who have been picking on one other since the beginning in the hopes of pleasing their father, ultimately understand that the solution to their dilemma has always been there: they can expel Logan and take the company along with their mother’s shares.

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But it’s all for naught when they arrive at Logan’s villa, where the transaction is being made. It doesn’t matter that Roman made a seismic decision to stand up to Logan for the first time. Logan had been alerted of the trio’s impending arrival. Logan, in turn, has negotiated with Caroline to buy back Caroline’s shares, effectively eliminating the kids’ only source of power. The closing scene is a gut punch when we find that Tom is rooting for Logan and that not even Gerri will listen to Roman. “Can you tell me how it benefits me?” Gerri, it’s chilly. So the kids finally came to their senses, but it was too late to make a move…

Tom Is The Winner?

You never know, Tom Wambsgams might just become Roy’s favorite kid! As a result, it’s rather clear who tipped Logan off. Not only does Tom ask Greg whether he’s ready to strike a bargain with the devil in a scary sequence, but Shiv also notices Logan patting Tom on the back. While she tells her cheery husband that “Mom fucked us,” it’s apparent she suspects Tom of stabbing her in the back. Years of abuse, a possible prison sentence, and the knowledge that Shiv didn’t love him were all transformed into a Machiavellian chance for Tom to usurp power from the Roy siblings. Although GoJo and Waystar Royco are merging, this will help some Roy favorites. Tom and Greg, to be precise.

Succession Season 3 Ending Explained

Succession Season 3 Ending – Tom’s Big Move

If you’re wondering why Tom did this, you should probably ask why Tom waited so long. Shiv has been treating the man like a doormat since the beginning. Last week’s episode may have been the turning point in Tom’s realization that she doesn’t love him. So, what does a man like Tom Wambsgams do? Return to the second major driving force in his life: his great desire to be a Roy. However, instead of acting like one of his children, Tom finally acted like Logan Roy. And in doing so, he made a calculated, cold move that froze Shiv (along with Kendall and Roman).

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