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Studying With K-pop Idols Using LifeAt? How It Is Possible

Studying with Idols at LifeAt website

In today’s world, technology is kind of everything. A day without technology literally can’t be imagined. Especially in the covid situation, there has been a massive rise of apps that let’s one connect on a virtual level. From office work to school or colleges, everything is being done via such apps. Students can’t go to their school or colleges and can’t even meet their friends. According to many, students are getting sick of being alone in the house, and they can’t concentrate properly. This is very natural as being confined to home for such a prolonged period can lead to boredom and brings disinterest in any work. Naturally, many of them are losing their focus on studies and are developing a lack in it. As a result, it is hampering their education.

Now, how would you feel if you got a chance to study with your favorite celebrity or influencer? Though it maybe is once again a virtual meet but still studying with a celebrity, especially whom you look up to, is a great deal, right? This is now possible. LifeAt is a website that has introduced this. Along with this, this website also has some amazing features that will enable you to concentrate better on your studies. At LifeAt you can study or do your desired work along with the celebrities or influencers you adore in your life.

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How Does The LifeAt Website Work?

On this website, one can study with their favorite celebrity personalities. The website has features like anime or cafes that make one feel as if they are themselves present there. This enables the person to study in their preferable ambiance and focus on a better level.

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Study with LifeAt With K- Pop Idols

Korean Pop is one of the soft powers of South Korea. Other being enhancing their culture in front of the world or their famous beauty products, mainly which promotes their culture throughout the world. K-pop groups have strong and loyal fanbases, so whenever any group even just posts a picture on any of their social media handles, it only takes seconds to get viral.

If one gets to study with their desired k-pop idol group, it would be a dream come true moment for any person who is a fan of k-pop. Well, that moment arrived as on LifeAt website you get to study along with your favorite idol. There is a special celebrity tab which when enabled, shows recordings of the idol. On LifeAt’s social media handle, they posted about this feature and received massive reviews. Fun fact is that people were commenting that this is an innovative initiative; however, they will for sure get distracted and will just look at their idols instead of doing their studies. Well, I can’t blame them.


Study session with K-Pop idols

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How To Access The LifeAt App?

To get access to the LifeAt app is not difficult. You just need to go through some simple procedures. Firstly, go to Google and search, and the site will appear. Click on it and enter the page. Secondly, you will notice three dots. Those dots are easy to identify as they are almost on every website or apps. After clicking on those three dots, some options will appear from which you need to choose the desktop site.

BTS at LifeAt

K-Pop Idol Group At LifeAt

After that, two arrows will appear. One that goes backward and one that goes forward, along with many options that you may need for your workspace. Click on the forward arrow once, and the celebrity option will appear. Afterward, choose from the given choices which you want to study there. There are many options like GOT7, TWICE, MONSTA, Rosè from BLACKPINK, BTS, ENHYPHEN, TXT, EXO, among many others. Finally, click on the start button, and then it’s done.

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