Studio Key Announces New Project: Prima Doll Anime

Prima doll anime
New Anime: Prima Doll

For cute animation fans, a new anime is queued. Studio Key revealed their newest animation project which is titled “Prima Doll”. The animation studio previously created several successful visual novel games. Their upcoming project is filled with several aesthetically pleasing character designs and concept arts that is surely worth looking forward to. Prima Doll’s has been brought forward in collaboration with Kotobukita, a figure manufacturing company. This is quite a unique concept. Kotobukiya had also announced plans to produce original figures based on this project. 

Prima Doll has a cute outline that is attracting several anime fans. Moreover, the project has an attractive and relaxing plotline that can satisfy any sort of moe anime lover. The sparkling character drafts are eye-catching and we are more than enthusiastic about its release and to unbox whatever it has in store for us.

Prima Doll will be about dolls and it takes on the concept of showing character development through music and more. The curiosity in regards to Studio Key’s newest project is increasing. Here is everything we know about the Prima Doll project. 

Prima Doll Anime Announced

On 27th January 2022, a multimedia project titled “Prima Doll” was announced by Studio Key. Not much has been announced so far.

The anime’s original characters are drafted by Na-Ga, Fuji Choko and Hara Yui, the mangaka. Kai is directing the project and Tohya Okano is writing the scripts. The animation production is done by Bibury Animation Studios. A teaser trailer was also released on the same day.

Three characters have been announced so far along with the revelation of one voice cast. The first character is Haizakura (v.a: Azumi Waki), a hard-working Ponkotsu doll. Karasuba is the second character in the project. She is the leader of the group of dolls with a competitive yet caring personality. The third character revealed so far is Gekka, a blunt and distant doll.

About Prima Doll

Prima Doll centres around a group of dolls created as weapons for war. However, when the war ended, they started working at Kuronekotai, a cafe. Having lost their purpose of creation with the war, the dolls now find a new reason to continue living. 

Giving up on the aggressive reason they were built for, they are now dressed in sparkling clothes, seeking the meaning of their creation. 

Prima doll
Key visual: Prima Doll

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