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Strongest Commandments In The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Who are the Strongest Commandments in The Seven Deadly Sins? The Seven Deadly Sins is a team of the strongest warriors who gathered after discovering about their Sins, and they put a mark of Seven Beast each in their bodies. They got framed for killing Great Holy Knight, and they are recognized as villains. The Ten Commandments are against the Seven Deadly Sins. The Seven Deadly’s leader, Meliodas, his brother Zedris is the leader of the Ten Commandments with ten elite, powerful creatures, and each beast possesses a Commandment. They received their powers from the Demon King and were ordered to punish anyone who broke the rules. But the commandment got disbanded after the defeat of Demon King.

The Seven Deadly Sins involved Meliodas, who wield The Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, and King possesses The Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth and Dina uses The Serpent’s Sin of Envy. Merlin uses The Boar’s Sin of Gluttony and Ban uses The Fox’s Sin of Greed. Gowther possesses The Goat’s Sin of Lust, and Escanor wields The Lion’s Sin of Pride with limitless powers. The Sins use different powers against their enemies, such as Full Counter that Meliodas uses to strike enemies.

The crew has different symbols of animals on their bodies related to the sin they have committed. They encounter the strongest ten Commandments during their journey, and they have an intense battle. The Commandments follow the orders coming from the Demon King since their goal was to revive the Demon King and Zedris wanted to get Zelda back. But The Seven Deadly Sins were against the ideas of the Commandments. Let’s look at the strongest commandments below.

Strongest Commandments

The Commandments were created when the Demon King controlled the Demon Realm and bestowed his power to the Commandments to conquer the universe.

1. Zeldris

The first Commandment is Zeldris, the strongest and uses Ominous Nebula: God with a power level of 61000. Zeldris serves the Demon King as his son, and the rest of the Commandments serve him. Ominous Nebula: God is the dark power that Zeldris changes to a vortex around his area.

2. Estarossa

Estarossa the Love commandment is the second strong commandment and also uses Full Counter with a power level of 60000.

3. Drole

Drole is the Patience commandment and is the third strongest commandment that uses ground with a power level of 54000.

Strongest Commandments

Zeldris and Meliodas

4. Monspeet

Monspeet the Reticence is the fourth-strongest commandment that uses Trick Star with a power level of 53000. Trick Star allows Monspeet to switch positions of two objects.

5. Melascula

Melascula the Faith has a power level of 34000 and wields the technique called Hell Gate. Hell Gate turned the Celestial Realm’s gate into the Demon Realm.

6. Grayroad

Grayroad the Pacifism has a power level of 39000, and her ability is Curse. He is the Pacifism and the Demon Clan soldier serving under the Demon King.

7. Gloxinia

Gloxinia the Repose is the sixth powerful Commandments that wiled Disaster that with a level of 50 000.

8. Derieri

Derieri the Purity uses Combo Star with a power level of 52000. Combo Star enhances Derieri’s powers with twenty thousand pounds when she is attacking her enemies.

9. Fraudrin

Fraudrin the Selflessness possed Full Size with a power level of 31000. This ability allows Fraudrin to transforms into a giant and his attacks increase with range.

10. Galand

Galand the Truth wields Critical Over with a power level of 27000 that exceeded its limit during the battle.

Please note that Meliodas was a member of the Ten Commandments, known as Meliodas the Love, and he left the commandments to join the Seven Deadly Sins leaving behind his brother Zeldris to take over. Meliodas is also the son of the Demon King, and he has a power level of 142000. He is the strongest warrior King.

Other notable characters from The Seven Deadly Sins and their ranked power levels include Diane with a power level of 8800, Merlin with 4710, Ban with a power level of 3220, and Gowther, who has a 35400 power ranking.

Strongest Commandments

Seven Deadly Sins

To date, that would be all the details we know about the ten commandments. They appear to be a bit more powerful compared to the seven deadly sins. But since Meliodas left them, then the tables turned against them as they solely exist for themselves, and unlike the seven deadly sins, they don’t put much effort into teamwork.

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