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Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia in 2021- Ranked

My Hero Academia is one of the leading manga and anime series that is constantly making the front page. The manga by Kohei Horikoshi is one of the most-read manga on the Jump+ app. My Hero Academia is popular for its action-packed shonen content that comes with multiple plot twists and brilliantly written characters by the mangaka. The anime became very famous locally as well as overseas, with many fans simping over their favorite characters.  My Hero Academia’s characters are versatile and have different levels of power. The strongest characters in My Hero Academia were overwhelming and made the show worth watching over and over again.

Fans thrive on character developments but not as much as they like seeing the strong characters give out their best. Many forums continue to decide who the strongest characters in My Hero Academia are and what makes them so strong. As we trace through the five seasons and three movies, we would witness some outstanding animation from bones alongside a depiction of some really amazing characters. Kohei Horikoshi introduces some really amazing quirks as the story progresses, which fills us with all-new levels of adrenaline. Ever wondered who the strongest characters in the series are? Here is the complete list of the top ten strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

10. Hawks

Ranked as Japan’s 3rd Pro Heroes, Keigo has moved to the spot of number 2 right after the famous All Might’s retirement. Moreover, when Keigo was barely eighteen years of age, he succeeded in becoming one of the topmost Pro Heroes before he came in the top three rankings. This may have taken him four years, but it also made him the youngest top Pro Hero, along with being the fastest one to reach such a high ranking in the history of Japan. Keigo is fast as well as cunning. The incredible skills he possesses, as well as the Quirks, make a commendable reputation for him.



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9. Re Destro

Re Destro is the reputed leader of the popular Meta Liberation Army. He is highly respected by his followers. He is quite powerful and one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia. He also has a proficient handle when it comes to his Meta Ability. When he faced the infamous villain Twice, who was helped by clones or the League of Villains created by Twice himself using his Quirk called Double, Rikiya fought back hard and defeated all the clones of Twice as well as dispatched every clone he had ever created. When it comes to his stress form, Rikiya can easily defeat likes like Twice or Tomura, who is the headman of the League of Villains. He also destroyed Tomura’s left hand with his power.


Re Destro

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8. Edgeshot

Ranked as the 5th Japanese Pro Hero, Edgeshot is deserving of the rank. After the retirement of All Might, Edgeshot took the spot of number 4. Edgeshot has achieved mastery in his Quirk called Foldabody and is very useful when it comes to handling his ninja-style to tackle his enemies. Edgeshot can easily flatten his body so that he can pass through spaces that are extremely tight. This includes secret passages and doors nobody can get through. He can also transform his body or even parts of it into multiple shapes, which can pierce the opponent’s body. The main use of his Quirk is to strike hard and incapacitate his enemies, but it’s more than just his Quirk that makes him one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.



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7. Hood

Hood is the first of the many high-end breeds created under Nomu. Hood is also one of the most powerful and extraordinary beings to ever be created and hence one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia. He had the capacity to contend as well as outclass the entire top Pro Heroes. He can easily cause mass destruction without any extra help. There are two Pro Heroes, named Endeavor (ranked No. 1) and Hawks (ranked no. 2), with whom Hood battled against and was also repeatedly successfully in not just evading but also recovering from the fire attacks of Endeavor. He easily outmatched the no. 1 Pro Hero in power because of his augmented body and multiple quirks.

Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia


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6. Endeavor

Ranked as the number 2nd Pro Hero at first and then the first of Japan’s Pro Heroes after the retirement of the All Might, Endeavor is best known for being a crime fighter. He has successfully solved many cases and could reach the top rankings by the age of 20. This makes him quite an impressive part of Pro Heroes and definitely one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia. His skills when it comes to handling his Quirk, hell flame, are beyond commendable. He has mastered using his flame to fight battles and overpower his opponents. The extreme heat, along with other such purposes, makes him quite powerful and dangerous.

Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia


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5. Deku

Long gone is the fragile Deku, who had no control over One for All and the strain it put on his body. Deku has evolved beyond words in the series, placing himself as one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia. In the manga, Deku has unlocked multiple quirks and has taken down one of the most notorious assassins, Lady Nagant. He has turned into the strongest student of U.A and is also the only student on this list. As he gets access to new quirks from the previous users of OFA, he gets stronger. Moreover, he has also been noticed taking down strong opponents within minutes, one example being Muscular.

Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia


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4. Gigantomachia

Tomura, in his own terms, has described Gigantomachia as someone who possesses too much HP. This is how he succeeds in exhausting his opponents to the point of submission. Other than that, Gigantomachia’s body happens to be very resilient and can easily manage the strain put by the pressure of holding multiple quirks without anybody’s metamorphosis. He is indeed one of the few people to exist in the world to have such capabilities. Not only that, but he was also able to take on those heroes who had tried to fight him. He could easily overpower these heroes and was even successful in killing a few of them. One of these was Majestic, a hero who was going to be on the list of Top Ten Pro Heroes.



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3. Shigaraki

Apart from All For One, Tomura is known to be the second most fearsome and dangerous villain in Japan and is given quite a notorious reputation. He has regularly contended with Pro Heroes and has amazing combat skills, thanks to his physical as well as analytical strengths. He is also the leader of the infamous League of Villains. Tomura has complete command over his subordinates, who also happen to be very powerful. When the U.S.J incident happened, Tomura had the chance to briefly take on the popular Pro Hero Eraser Head. He used this opportunity to destroy Erasure’s right arm with his Quirk, Decay. Tomura also oozes confidence, as seen by his beliefs that he could take down Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku, and Eijiro Kirishima.

Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki Tomura

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2. All For One

Without a doubt, All For One is the most powerful villain this series has ever seen. He shows extreme intelligence, tremendous strength, power, and skills. He was able to reign Japan through tyranny and fear. People easily submitted to his will because they were scared of him. He is discussed as the iconic symbol of evil, one who is feared by so many that the heroes could barely find any information about him. He kept most things about him in secret so that the future would never know what the dark ages of Quirks held in store.

all for one

All For One.

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1. All Might

The strongest hero in the world (and not just Japan) is undoubtedly All Might. Unlike All For One, All Might was the Symbol of Peace. He was always determined to fight against crimes done by the Villains and was largely the strength of the society. He was also the one who could defeat All for One and become an inspiration for others. In fact, he has defeated All For One not once but twice. In the history of Japan, he was the only user of One For All who could succeed in defeating the mighty villain. 

Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia

All Might.

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