How Strong Is Charlotte Perospero In Reality? – Explained!


Charlotte Perospero is the eldest son of the Charlotte Family and also the Minister Of Candy of Tottoland; in addition, his bounty is said to be about 700.000.000 Berries.

Although Perospero isn’t a Sweet Commander, I think that he can be considered even stronger than Charlotte Smoothie, since when Vito named the “monsters” belonging to Big Mom’s pirates, he listed Perospero alongside Katakuri.

Furthermore, the Minister Of Candy has demonstrated to be very smart in hindering the Mugiwaras’ escape from Tottoland, and also to possess a very strong will, since he withstood to Big Mom’s Haoshoku Haki without losing consciousness. In addition, during his fights, he also demonstrated to have incredible reflexes and an amazing endurance, although it seemed that he is not so good as far as his physical strength is concerned.

Now that we have analysed his natural abilities, we can analyse Perospero’s others powers; in particular, talking about his Devil Fruit powers, we know (and we saw) that he ate the Pero Pero no Mi, which is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to create and manipulate candies at will.

We know that he is very good in using this skill because, for example, we had been informed that, thanks to his candies, Perospero has been able to recreate perfectly Caesar Clown’s laboratory on Punk Hazard. This is absolutely outstanding!

His only weakness is that, as well as Katakuri’s mochi, Perospero’s candies are weak against fire and, in general, heating, because they can be melted and, for this reason, they would become useless.


In conclusion I don’t think that I can give him votes about his skills, his abilities and his powers, but I strongly believe that Perospero is comparable to a Yonko’s commander level and I’m convinced that he could be a perfect sobstitute for Snack among the three Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders.