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Stowaway Ending Explained: Who Dies At The End?

Stowaway Netflix Review
Stowaway Netflix Review

Stowaway is a 2021 science-fiction thriller starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson, and Toni Collette. Joe Penna And Ryan Morrison have penned the screenplay. Joe Penna has directed the film. The film was released digitally on Netflix and Prime Video (in Canada) on April 22, 2021. Hauschka has composed the music while Klemens Becker handled the cinematography. You might know the director Joe Penna from his YouTube channel MysteryGuitarMan. This is his second feature film after the 2018’s survival thriller Arctic, starring Mads Mikkelsen. The premise of Stowaway follows four people on a ship on a mission to Mars. It was originally only three members on the ship, but the situation changes when they discover an accidental stowaway. With depleting sources, they must confront difficult decisions. Before we explain what happens at the end of the movie, let’s go through the plot.

A three-person crew is headed to Mars on a spaceship. The crew includes Zoe (Anna Kendrick), Marina (Toni Collette), and David (Daniel Dae Kim). Shortly after the takeoff, they discover the ship has an accidental stowaway on board. The stowaway is a launch engineer named Michael (Shamier Anderson). They have gone a long distance before they discover the stowaway, and now they can’t turn back. What’s more, is that the resources are dwindling. The oxygen is limited and depleting fast. With the oxygen supply damaged, they must make a grim decision. The whole crew, except the ship’s medical researcher, have decided that Michael must be executed. They then try to retrieve some untapped oxygen from the booster-stage rocket of the launch vehicle. To retrieve that, they’d have to carry out a risky EVA operation. However, another threat in the form of an approaching solar flare soon endangers their survival.

Netflix Stowaway cast

A still from Stowaway. Credits: Netflix.

Who Is In The Cast?

Anna Kendrick plays the character of Zoe Lebenson in the film. She’s a part of the three-person crew headed to Mars. She’s a medical researcher and the only one to dissent against the crew’s grim conclusion regarding Michael’s fate. Toni Collette stars in the film as Marina Barnett, the ship commander. Daniel Dae Kim plays David Kim in the film. He’s a part of the original three-person crew and also the ship’s biologist. He convinces Michael to kill himself and also goes to retrieve the extra oxygen with Zoe. Finally, Shamier Anderson plays Michael Adams. He’s the titular stowaway and a launch engineer who has accidentally boarded the ship. With the oxygen supply enough for only three people, the crew, except for Zoe, decides that he must be executed.

Stowaway Ending Explained

David convinces Michael to kill himself due to the depleting oxygen. He then goes and decides to try and retrieve the extra oxygen along with Zoe. The extra oxygen is stored inside the booster-stage rocket of the launch vehicle. However, to retrieve the oxygen, they have to climb up unreliable wires, risking flying away into space. Initially, everything transpires accordingly. They retrieve the oxygen, and now there’s enough for all the members in the ship, including Michael. However, another threat endangers the crew when an intense solar flare hits. David and Zoe hurry back to the ship with one oxygen tank, but Kendrick slips and falls, losing the tank. The oxygen tank is leaking. Meanwhile, the crew realizes that if the tank is not retrieved, two instead of one people will die. Zoe offers to sacrifice herself and retrieve it, saying her goodbyes to the crew.

Stowaway Netflix Ending Explained

Anna Kendrick stars as Zoe in Stowaway (2021). Credits: Netflix.

Zoe manages to retrieve the oxygen tank and return to the ship. But she doesn’t go inside of the ship. The reason being the crew’s possible exposure to the solar storm. She stays outside and nods Marina goodbye through the spaceship window. While it’s now shown explicitly, it’s still pretty evident that Zoe dies of radiation. She leaves the oxygen tank on top of the ship to be later retrieved by Marina or anyone else. Zoe stays outside the ship, sitting down and staring into space. Her spacesuit starts shredding, and she struggles to breathe as she accepts her fate. But the rest of the crew back on the ship will now survive because of her sacrifice.

Here’s the trailer of the film;


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