Steven Universe Will Finally Resume This December

After almost a half year of wait, Steven Universe will finally come back this December. The episode count and other things are also announced. It seems like the new arc will only be shortlived but will be loaded with good stuff. We will tell you everything that we know so far in this article.

Steven Universe Will Have A Batch Of New Episodes Starting This December

Steven Universe’s last episode was aired last July 6, and it has been on hiatus since then. The 25th episode of the season titled “Legs From Here To Homeworld” was first aired through the Cartoon Network app and in San Diego Comic-Con. It is also confirmed to be the first episode of the new arc. For the TV fans out there, Cartoon Network announced on their tweet that the 25th episode will be re-aired on December 17 according to Broadcasting Cable.


The new arc, which is titled Steven Universe: Diamond Days will have a total of five episodes. All of the episodes will be released weekly after December 17 at 7:30p ET. It is expected that the mini-arc will air its final episode on January 21 next year. Each episode will have a new original song.

“Legs From Here To Homeworld” ended up with a cliffhanger when Gems, Blue, Yellow, and the Crystal Gems travel to Homeworld to seek White Diamond’s help. It can be remembered that Blue and Yellow Diamond’s attack on Earth corrupted the other Gems instead of destroying them. It seems like the five-episode arc will be loaded with good stuff.

Meanwhile, fans are wondering if there would be a Steven Universe season 6 in the future. Voice actor Leisha Medina said in reply to a fan earlier that the production for the next season has been started. Cartoon Network Instagram confirmed the renewal of the show later on.

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