Steven Universe Season 6: Release Date, Rumours, And Updates

Steven Universe is an American action sci-fi animated TV series which is created by Rebecca Sugar. The show first aired on Cartoon Network on 4th November 2013. The series has been popular with the audience and Cartoon Network has renewed the series for Season 6!

The series revolves around a boy named Steven, who has inherited a gemstone from his mother which gives him superpowers to protect the earth against monsters and other threats. Steven, a half-human and half-boy, tries to understand his powers while he stays with his father and his friends. The series proceeds with the said premise and takes us on the adventures of Steven.

Steven Universe Season 6: Release Date Rumours

Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date

The Season 5 is currently on a break and fans have been waiting for Episode 26 to release. Though there were some rumors of the series ending with Season 5, but voice actor Leisha Medina replied to a fan on twitter that the work on Season 6 has been started. After Medina’s reply, Cartoon Network Instagram page confirmed the renewal of the series for Season 6. The release of Season 6 is still not official yet. Also, there has been no speculation for the next season because the series has not been known to keep a strict timeline.

The cast for Season 6 is expected to be the same with Zach Callison returning as Steven Universe, Deedee Magno as Pearl, Estelle as Garnet, Michaela Dietz as Amethyst, Tom Scharpling as Greg Universe, Grace Rolek as Connie, Shelby Rabara as Peridot, Kate Micucci as Sadie, and Mathew Moy as Lars. There are a lot of other recurring characters which can be expected to return.

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