Steven Universe Season 5: Episode 25 Review

‘Legs From Here To Homeworld’ or you may call it Episode 25 of Season 5 Steven Universe is an overall 153rd episode of the show. The episode was nothing more than a transition episode. Although some information was provided on Centi, Homeworld and White Diamond. All of this should tell us that season 5 has a lot more in store.

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 25 Review

The mysterious character has been finally revealed in episode 25. And Steven Universe is not going to broadcast episodes centered around Beach City again. This time around the makers have decided to go straight to the homeworld. Honestly, I was so bored of Beach City and always wanted to know stuff about Home World; this is by far the most exciting news.

Let’s talk about the gems and the White Diamond for a minute, shall we? Now, I noticed the gems. But my question is what should it be like for all those gems that we saw assembled for White Diamond? It is obvious that the series will follow Steven, but we need more updates on what happens to those in the team left with Blue and Yellow diamond. We need answers to that.

In my opinion, Yellow and Blue Diamond are of great importance to Steven. Steven never agreed with the way his mother handled things on Earth. With Yellow and Blue Diamond in the picture, Steven can call them both out; this in the light of Steven having no direct contact with his mom is a breather! And let’s not forget the line:

“You did this; you have to do something!”

With communication established Steven can finally hold people responsible for what they have been doing to gems and those who live across the galaxy. He can finally call them out for their misgivings. Alright guys, now that Yellow and Blue Diamond are out of our way, let us speak about The White Diamond. Can Steven say the same to White Diamond? Not much has been shown about the White Diamond, but White Diamond seems to treat Steven as a child. So is White Diamond kind of like a mother to Steven? I guess so with the way she treats him (who she thinks is pink). And I think White Diamond isn’t a mother to only Steven (Pink) but Blue and Yellow as well.

Here are other details you might want to know about Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 25:

Broadcast date and title:
‘Legs From Here To Homeland’ was broadcast on July 21′ 2018 (SDCC) and online on July 22′ 2018.

Written And StoryBoarded By:
Amber Cragg
Hilary Florido
Tom Herpich

Directed by:
Haesung Park (animation)
Liz Artinian (art)
Kat Morris (supervising)

Like I have said before, this is just a transitional episode, a plot is being built for something bigger in the show.

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