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Steve Wozniak Net Worth: Apple Co-founder’s Fortune

Steve Wozniak Net Worth
Steve Wozniak

When it comes to making a list of the most popular entrepreneurs around the world, Steve Wozniak is amongst the top members. Everyone in the world knows about the giant tech company Apple. Talking about Apple, most people know Steve Jobs as its founder. However, Steve Jobs did not accomplish the goal of setting up the company by himself. He had a business partner and also the co-founder of Apple known as Steve Wozniak. Therefore, Steve Wozniak’s net worth is the first thing to talk about since he is linked with such a big brand. Wozniak was an amazing computer programmer and an electronics engineer as well.

It is no surprise that he contributed to Apple by giving some of the best and iconic products during the starting years of the company. Although, in all these years, Apple is not the only big thing he has been a part of. Wozniak has done some tremendous work in the field of technology with his expertise in the field. He even invented the world’s first programmable universal remote which was released in the year 1987. Through the years, he has been a part of various other projects and made quite a fortune for himself. So let us take look at his earnings and net worth in the year 2021.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak Net Worth

With the start of Apple and making it a success, it was clear that Wozniak would become very successful in life. But our main goal here is to talk about all the money he earned and the fortune he made out of it for himself. Steve Wozniak’s net worth is currently estimated between $100 million – $120 million as of 2021. This amount is relatively huge for most people, but considering Wozniak’s career, even $100 million seems to be quite low. But why is the net worth of the Apple co-founder so much lower when it should have been in billions.

There is a good enough reason behind it. Steve Wozniak was never a money-minded guy. He was always excited to learn new things and enjoyed the work he did. He found out even the smallest of reasons to be happy in the work he did. This is why during the early years of Apple, he sold his part of shares of the company for free. This was quite a big move even at that time. According to the present market value of the company, the price of those shares would have been in billions today.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Steve Wozniak’s Net Worth is between $100 million – $120 million

However, knowing that he would have been a billionaire today, that decision has never haunted Steve Wozniak. Also to note that behind all the projects he was a part of, he was mostly the innovator or inventor. Whereas, Jobs was the business mind and reached out to the people and became the face of the company. This can also be stated as another reason for his relatively low net worth. Although, other than Apple, Wozniak also founded another company named CL 9 which contributed to his fortune.

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More About Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, whose full name is Stephen Gary Wozniak was mostly called by his nickname “Woz”. Born on the 11th of August in the year 1950, in the city of San Jose, California, Woz was destined to become a well-known entrepreneur and developer. He completed his high school at Homestead High School in California, in the year 1968. for his higher studies, Wozniak went to De Anza College, however, he transferred from the college and went to the University of California, situated in Berkeley. Although before his joining these colleges, he was expelled from the University of Colorado Boulder for hacking the computer system of the university.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth

With his exceptional skills and knowledge, Woz also worked in the popular company HP. This was the time when Wozniak met Steve Jobs and they eventually became friends. Steve Wozniak has had a good role in making what apple is today. He was the one who designed the iconic Apple I and Apple II computers which became very successful and sold in big numbers. Woz also played a major role in designing the Macintosh for Apple.

After he departed from Apple, Steve started various other business ventures. Although not one of them became as successful as Apple. But that did not bother him much as he was more of a giver. He always wanted to be a teacher and eventually did make his dream of teaching a reality. He taught kids at schools about computers and technology for several years and was very happy doing it.

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