Steve Martin Net Worth: How Much the American Comedian Makes?

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steve martin net worth
Steve Martins with his Banjo

Actor, comedian, and writer won millions of hearts through his outstanding comedy and acting. In his career as a comedian and actor, Steve Martin’s net worth is a lot more than what you think. 76-year-old Steven Glenn Martin was born on August 14, 1945, in Waco, Texas, U.S. The winner of 5 prestigious Grammy awards was born to Mary Stewart and Glenn Vernon. Steves father was an actor and a salesman. Coming from English, Scottish, Welsh, Scots, Iris, German and French descent, Martins was raised in Inglewood, California. The family later moved to Garden Grove, California, in a Baptist family. Steve is the brother of Melinda Martin.

Martin completed his primary education at Garden Grove High School, where he was a cheerleader. As a child, Martin always disliked his father. Glenn Vernon was stern and never opened to his son. He never let his feelings come out in front of his son. From Santa Ana College, Martin took his classes of drama and English poetry. He used to always steal free time to participate in comedies and several other productions of the Bird Cage Theatre. Steves Garden Grove High School classmate and close friend Kathy Westmoreland was his backbone and constant support. Though he comes from a Baptist family, he never went to church. Steve has no faith in organized religion.

steve martin net worth
Comedian Steve MArtin

Steve Martin’s Net Worth

Steve Martin is estimated to have a net worth of around $166 million. As a writer and performer on the show “The Smothers Brother Comedy Hour,” Martins received lots of attention around 1968. On the show “The Tonight Starring Johnny Carson,” Martins was a frequent guest. Between 1972 and 1992, he visited the show almost 56 times as a guest. Martins was also featured in several movies. This includes The Pink Panther, for which he was paid around $28.000,000. For the Cheaper by the Dozen, he was paid around $10,500,000, followed by Sgt Bilko that gave him $7,000,000. For The Jerks, martin earned $600,000 and also had shared in the 50% of profits.

Steve Martin’s income per day is $70,000. Per month he makes around $2Million, and per year he earns $20 million. Most of Steve Martins’s net worth is earned through films and writers. Becoming a comedian was just an accident says, Steve. Steve never thought of making a career out of comedy. Steves is also a writer and musician. Steve Martin earn a small part of his income through his writing and music career too. In 2004 Martin appeared in the list of top 100 greatest stand-up comics. He ranked 6th on the list by Comedy Central.

Steve Martin Career


Long before entering the field of Stan-up comedy, Martin worked as a selling book guide on weekends and full-time during off days in school at Disneyland. In the short-subject film Disneyland Dream, Martin appeared in the background. This was his first film appearance. During his time at Disneyland, Martin was a frequent visitor of a magic shop. There he got a hand on magic tricks. By 1960 he became a master in performing them and got a paid job at Fantasyland. His talent for magic, juggling, and creating animals was sharpened during this time. He also worked as a comedian for the Birdcage production and got featured in several other productions too.

steve martin net worth
Steve Martin


Steve Martin wrote his first full-length play Picasso at the Lapin Agile. The first reading of the same was held at Beverly Hills, California at the writer’s residence. It then got opened for the first time at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. In the year 1990, he wrote for the New Yorker. Recently he collaborated with Harry Bliss, and together they published the cartoon collection A Walth of Pigeon. Steve also works as a host. He hosted the show Academy Awards in 2001 and later in 2003. And several other shows.


At the age of 17, Steve began playing banjo. He conducts various shows along with several other artists. In the show, they play Banjo. He played Banjo with various artists, including Steep Canyon Rangers and several others. In 2001 he played Banjo on Earl Scruggs remake of Foggy Mountain Breakdown. The recording was then awarded the Best Country Instrumental Performance at the Grammy award. His first album The Crow: New Songs for the 5 String Banjo, was released in 2009. He then released several other comedy and music albums.

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