Steve Austin Net Worth In 2023

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Steve Austin Net Worth
Steve Austin

Steve Austin, or as his fans know him better, Stone Cold, which is the retired professional’s ring name, rose to fame with wrestling and is now more popular as a television personality. Known to be a legendary figure in the field of wrestling, he has been in the field for long. Let us discuss Steve Austin’s net worth and earnings over the years.

It turns out that playing football during his college days at the University of Texas did not stay with Steve, leading him to wrestling in 1989. Starting with the World Championship Wrestling in 1991 and promoting himself as Stunning Steve Austin, all the while winning a long string of championships, he moved on to the World Wrestling Federation, now turned into World Wrestling Entertainment

He joined the WWF in 1995, and it was here he rebuilt his in-ring personality, calling himself “Stone Cold.” From 1995 all the way to the 2000s, when he retired, he became the WWF champion a total of six times, Million Dollar champion once, and WWF Intercontinental Champion twice, along with a few victories in some more championships. 

All of this made up for Stone Cold’s iconic history, and he even put his name up in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009. During his peak, he had become such an important personality in wrestling, even responsible for, in some ways, making wrestling what it is today. 

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin for a match (Credits: Zona Wrestling)
The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin for a match (Credits: Zona Wrestling)

While he could have stayed in the ring for longer, the wrestler had to announce his retirement back in 2003 because his knees had been taking in quite a lot of damage alongside his neck, which seriously injured him. 

He remains actively involved in the field and has not completely left it. He has been running his own podcasts, including The Steve Austin Show, along with a video podcast called Broken Skull Sessions, which was recently started. 

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Steve Austin’s Net Worth

The retired wrestling professional Steve Austin is estimated to have a net worth of $30 million. We assume that most of this net worth must have been accumulated during his time as a wrestler. His wrestling matches and merchandise sold have to be the primary reason behind such a high net worth. 

Fans always associate him with the WWE Attitude era, which might have been his peak time in his career. Austin managed to bring an amount of money assumed to be ranging between $5 million to $12 million. While his wrestling matches brought in loads of money, the merchandise that fans bought added to his worth heavily. 

Stone Cold and Kevin Owens for the WrestleMania 38 match (Credits: Metro)
Stone Cold and Kevin Owens for the WrestleMania 38 match (Credits: Metro)

There is a 2021 estimate according to which Austin’s merchandise sales got him around $3.66 million in a year.

Some of the iconic merch that Austin continues to sell includes his Stone Cold Steve Austin Legacy Championship Collector’s title, Stone Cold Smoking Skull Championship replica title belt, Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 retro t-shirt, and finally, the Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “Don’t Trust Anybody” retro t-shirt. 

His appearance at WrestleMania 38 caused a lot of chaos among excited fans who got to see him fight in a ring once more. Though he was there only for one fight against Kevin Owens, we are sure he must have been paid millions for this one special appearance. 

Since his retirement in the early 2000s, the wrestler moved on to other opportunities and is now extremely popular as a media personality. He has been featured in several movies, including The Expendables, Knockout, The Package, Grown Ups 2, Chain of Command, and many more.

His television program appearances include Nash Bridges, Chuck, Stone Cold Takes on America, The Bernie Mac Show, Tough Enough, Redneck Island, and many others. Not just this, Austin is known to have started a podcast titled The Steve Austin Show, which he started a decade ago in 2013.

Steven Austin for The Broken Skull podcast (Credits: Variety)
Steven Austin for The Broken Skull podcast (Credits: Variety)

He has another video podcast called Broken Skulls Sessions, which was launched in 2019 and continues to air even now. All of these ventures must have earned the wrestler quite some money, adding further to his net worth. 

Not only this, the former wrestler has over six million followers on his social media, where he even promotes his collaboration with El Segundo Brewing Company, producing Broken Skull IPA and Broken Skull American Lager, the sales of which also earned him millions in 2021. 

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