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Spoilers & Preview: Station 19 Season 4 Episode 14


Station 19 season 4 has started rolling out its episodes on American television recently, and fans totally adore the new concepts being explored by the series. Recently in the show, we have seen that Gregory as well as Dean and Ben are living through some quite bad situations which are making them miserable. It is so chaotic that if one move goes wrong, they will have to wash their hands with death. All this while, Ben has an illness we know about and it surfaces and on the other hand, Dean is trying pretty hard to control himself while meeting with JJ’s parents, who want nothing but to keep in touch with their son. Also, we acknowledged that after a long while, Ben and Miranda got to have some time off together. When the two are having a conversation, Miranda witnesses that Ben has been growing and thus is calling him out to go to the doctor. Now, we see that Dean is trying to have Gregory on his side about the lawsuit he has against the cops. But of course, Gregory states his own personal reasons as to why he does not wants to take part in Dean’s deals.

But soon enough, Gregory begins to have trouble with breathing and looks kind of suffocated. He becomes so weak that he falls off the boat that they were on at that moment. Thus, Dean and Ben, without a second thought, jump into the water so as to save him. They sure rescue Gregory, but because of the chaos, have lost the track of the boat they were on. The three of them are seen trying pretty hard to survive in this tough environment, but we see that Ben asks Dean to take hold of the extra life vest and let go of him. But obviously, Dean is reluctant to do, and thus, they hold their hands together and decide they will stick by each other’s side till help comes. Also, later it gets revealed to the audience that Ben has a tumor inside of his body and will not survive if it does not gets treated immediately. Also, JJ’s parents are quite rich, and this is discovered by Dean. Her mother also asks that they want to have visitation rights to come and see their son. Now, we shall head over to discuss what the future of the series has in store for us.

Station 19 Season 4 Episode 14 Release Date and Spoiler

A still from Station 19 Season 4 Episode 14

Station 19 Season 4 Episode 14 Release date

Station 19 season 4 episode 14 release date is on the 20th of May 2021 and is titled Comfortably Numb. The episode is supposed to roll out on ABC at 8 PM according to Eastern Time. Each episode has a runtime of about 60 minutes and recently, we saw that a hiatus was created in the release of the show. Thus, it decided to take a break for two weeks and is supposed to release pretty soon. Now, if you are someone who lives the series but are not sure about where you can watch it, then we have got you covered. The first and the easiest method of accessing the new episodes is by tuning in to ABC at the designated date and time slot. But if you do not have a cable connection at home, then episodes can be seen on the official website of ABC or the official application of ABC. But you all should keep in mind that the episodes release here a while after their original air on the network.

Station 19 Season 4 Episode 14 Spoilers

Now, you all must be wondering about what the next episode of the series is going to be like. Thus, here we have mentioned some spoilers. In Station 19 season 4 episode 14, we will see that Ben, who has been neglecting his health issues for a long time, will finally get himself checked again and deal with the tumor. He will have to go through at least one dose of chemotherapy in order to get better and in the next episode, we will see him going through it. Despite the fact that he has delayed this process for a long now, we do hope that there are not any side effects of it. On the other hand, we will see that Jack and Inara are going to help one of their neighbors who desperately needs them at the moment.

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