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State of Play Review and Ending Explained

State of Play
State of Play

State of Play, after full 12 years, can still be considered as one of the most intriguing political films of all time. The movie came out in the theatres back in 2009 and was loved by every watcher who has an interest in the thriller genre. But well, what if you watched the movie too and couldn’t understand how it actually ended. Thus, here we have wrapped up the plot of the whole story and how it came to an end. The film starts from the night when the disastrous event happens. We see that a thief was escaping through Georgetown but soon was shot and killed by a mysterious-looking man. The only key feature of this person was a briefcase he was holding.

All this while, there was a delivery man who happens to be present near this scene and watched it all. He was also shot by the same man but was not killed, instead, he has been in a coma ever since. The very next day, a woman is killed by a Washington Metro train, but the whole media assumes that this was a suicide. Later in the scenes, we are shown that this woman was Sonia Baker. She was a member of the Congress staff under Stephen Collins, and thus, he is saddened to know this news. Collins is a military veteran who is investigating Point Corp in order to find out about some of the mysterious ongoings that involve mercenaries. Later in the scenes, we witness Collins talking to his old college roommate Cal McAffrey about how he has an affair with Sonia.

State of Play Review and Ending Explained

A still from the State of Play

State of Play – Story Review and Summary

Now Cal happens to be a reporter for Washington Globe (fictional) and he listens to Collin talk about Sonia sending him a cheerful video of herself on the morning of her death. This suggests that she was not suicidal at all. This becomes even more suspicious when one of the reporters and blogger for Globe comes across the fact that Sonia’s death has been registered in only three of the CCTV blind spots in the metro camera system, and it gives rise to suspicion. On the other hand, even Cal comes across the previous shooting incidents and connects them to Sonia’s death. Cal also finds out the surveillance images of Sonia talking to a man while she was alive. Della tries to talk to the delivery man, but instead, he is also killed by a sniper. Now, Della again tries to find clues regarding the death of Sonia by reviewing the metro CCTV and finds similarities between a man she met at the hospital as well as one of the faces present at the platform.

Now, as Cal and Della are digging deeper into this case, Cal finds a potential clue. He remembers how Collins was never shown the Foy’s clip of his interview that includes information about the money Sonia is being given by Point Corp. Thus, Cal is now pretty sure that Collins knows a lot more than he is showcasing to everyone. The reporter also feels like the Congressman might have some direct involvement with Sonia’s murder. Later, when Cal goes to Collin’s office in order to confront him about it all, he admits that he was always suspicious of the work Sonia used to do and thus hired an assassin just to keep an eye on her. But as it turns out, that assassin Bingham hated Point Corp and directly hated Sonia for being involved with them.

State of Play – Ending Explained

Even though Collin never ordered the murder of his mistress, he has her blood on his hands. Cal later is trying to leave the building but is confronted by Bingham. The police arrive at the location and shoot Bingham before he can kill Cal and arrests Collin on the way. Later that night, Cal types in the whole story of how Sonia, as well as the thief, the delivery man, and the innocent homeless girl died. But before he could send it off, he gives the major credit to Della and lets her submit the story. This is how the story was published in the media, and everybody got to know about the murder of these people by Collins.

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