Starfield: Release Date Rumors, Trailers, And More

The next major launch by Bethesda is going to be Starfield. 2017 was all about mega launches by Bethesda; from Elder Scrolls reveal to Wolfenstein to Doom. How does Bethesda define Starfield, you ask? RPG and an original sci-fi IP. Todd Howard director Bethesda recently spoke at a conference about Starfield. According to Todd, Bethesda is at a full swing and is working day in and day out for Starfield. Starfield it is known is at production stage, mind you. Elder Scrolls or other games announced by Bethesda which were announced way before Starfield are at pre- production stage as of now. That’s a given since the manpower at the studio must be occupied with Starfield Todd Howard of Bethesda.

Starfield Release Date Discussion And Trailer

While plenty of rumors surround Starfield, some say it is slated to return in Autumn of 2019. Some say the release date could stretch to 2020. As of now, nothing official has been made by Bethesda regarding the release of Starfield. I would place my bet on 2019 release date for Starfield. Regarding the trailer bit, Bethesda did reveal a trailer of sorts. It doesn’t reveal much, but it is something, to say the least. Watch it below:

Bethesda in 25 years announced it’s first original-internally developed game with Starfield. Though Starfield was recently announced secretively the studio (Bethesda) had been working on it for around ten years now. After Fallout 4 was shipped in 2015, Bethesda shifted whole focus towards Starfield franchise, and now it’s in full force. Starfield is going to pick up the old school genre of gameplay, it’s going to be a single-player game to be billed as Bethesda RPG. This is no way means that Starfield will be a continuation of the same old but Bethesda revealed that they have figured out a way around a lot of new systems. Starfield, as the name suggests, could involve space travel with some backstory too, a single- player could visit four or seven planets as per the latest report. The game will focus on visuals more; it’s said that Starfield has pooled in millions of dollars in the creation of mind-blowing visuals.

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