Star Wars Episode 9 Release Date, Cast, Details

Star Wars Episode 9 Release date

In this post, we will be talking about Star Wars Episode 9 release date, cast, and updates. Star Wars Episode 9 will possibly be the end of the Star Wars saga.  J.J. Abrams, who directed The Force Awakens, will return to direct Star Wars Episode 9.

Star Wars Episode 9 Cast

Star Wars Episode 9 will be having many new faces! Keri Russell is joining the cast in an undisclosed role. According to reports from Variety, the role calls for an actress capable of “action-heavy fight scenes.” Keri has beforehand colluded with director J.J. Abrams on projects like Felicity and Mission: Impossible III. Reports also suggested that Abrams is likely to cast at least two more roles, although there are no details on that as of yet. Other than that, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, and Oscar Isaac will return.

Star Wars Episode 9

Star Wars Episode 9 Release Date

Star Wars Episode 9 is set to release on December 20, 2019. The film was previously cited for May 24 release, but it was delayed, because of the production issues in August and September 2017. Meanwhile, Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker himself has kickstarted the countdown to the movie.

Star Wars Episode 9 Plot

Currently, we do not have any information on the plot for Star Wars Episode 9. However, we do have a little information related to Carrie Fisher as the director pierced fans hearts with Trevorrow’s confession that she was intended to be at the very center of Episode 9. Kennedy mentioned in an interview that,

“The minute she finished [The Last Jedi], she grabbed me and said, ‘I’d better be at the forefront of 9!’, Because Harrison [Ford] was front and center on 7, and Mark is front and center on 8. She thought 9 would be her movie. And it would have been.”