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Star Wars 1313 New Announcement – Bringing Game Officially Back

Star War 1313 Release Date 2021

Star Wars 1313 was a canceled action-adventure video game that was under development by LucasArts. But guess what? Star Wars 1313 is officially back and is expected to release soon. Earlier, the game was expected to release in 2013, but in 2014, it was canceled by the LucasArts department.

In 2013The game would take a more mature, gritty direction than past Star Wars video games. Like 2002’s Star Wars: Bounty Hunter would feature fast-paced gadgets and weapon-based conflict using tools restricted. To bounty hunters instead of Force and lightsaber-based combat. Star Wars 1313 was deemed to revolve around Boba Fett in his prime adulthood, navigating past the residue of civilization in Coruscant’s experimental area as Level 1313.

Star War 1313 Release Date 2021

Star War 1313: Demo Play

On April 3, 2013, it was declared that The Walt Disney Company had ceased inner development at LucasArts and set off its staff, except a skeleton crew of more scattered than ten employees, enabling LucasArts to continue open as a licensor.

Why 2013 Version Got Canceled

As an effect, all projects were shut down, including Star Wars 1313. A Lucasfilm spokesperson stated: “After evaluating our position in the amusements market, we’ve determined to shift LucasArts from an internal improvement to a licensing model, reducing the company’s risk while achieving a more comprehensive portfolio of quality Star Wars games. As a consequence of this change, we’ve had layoffs beyond the organization.”

Star Wars 1313 may resume growth by an external developer, but Star Wars 1313 continues shelved until that happens. Following the halting of internal growth at LucasArts, Disney announced an independent deal with Electronic Arts to create Star Wars games for the core gaming market.  In September 2013, while conversing at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Lucasfilm leading technology strategy officer Kim Libreri showed a video of movement capture being processed in real-time by the Star Wars 1313 motor and its assets. Using the game’s functions as an example, Libreri recommended that cinematic post-processing might eventually be extended or superseded by rendering technologies produced for video games.

Disney chose not to replace the trademark for Star Wars 1313 at the opening of 2014, resulting in the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding the trademark abandoned.

Press Release

In a press release of Star, The PR executive made a statement. “If you’ve ever desired to see what it’s like to be a bounty hunter in the netherworld of Coruscant, an upcoming Star Wars game will provide you the opportunity. It is a somber time as the Empire reigns over the commoners of the galaxy. And with all this wickedness comes more profit for the most dangerous of bounty hunters: Boba Fett. Encounter the rise of the famed bounty hunter in his early years with the announcement of Star Wars 1313 this holiday season.” And Yes by issuing this statement they told the world that Boba Fett is going to be part of the series and gave us an estimated release date.

Developers on Boba Feet

When we were told to work on this game, we had no idea that the Boba Fett production was coming. In hindsight, we should’ve noticed it coming. With the particular notes that Lucasfilm provided us about what we had to cover. Just from that last sequence of season 2 alone; We could indicate that some of the stuff we’re holding is very much implying; Especially the Boba Fett you see more of. It’s all very impressive. We’re all working collectively to make sure it’s all a very cohesive connection. So that we can tell a complete and compelling story for Boba Fett. Also while offering other neat personalities in the underworld. You may even remember a couple of them from the end of The Clone Wars.”

Star War 1313 Release Date 2021

Star War 1313: Reel Show

The developers confirmed that The Martez sisters from The Clone Wars season 7 will have their parts to perform in Star Wars 1313, making sense given that they exist on Level 1313. It should be exciting seeing how they grow under the Empire once the war is concluded. On being asked when the game will be released. They replied,”We can’t give you a specific date, But Star Wars 1313, 2021 is expected to release by November.”