Stan Lee’s Lucky Man: Rupert Penry Jones (Samuel Blake’s) Take

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs on Sky One. The show aired it’s 3rd Season just recently. At the moment Season 4 of Lucky Man might not be confirmed. But I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen. Rupert Perry Jones gave insights into Stan Lee’s Lucky Man recently. When quizzed on the format of the show as two men fighting over a bracelet, Rupert had a few laughs.

Rupert portrays the role of Samuel Blake in the show, Clayton’s brand new nemesis who wants to collect all these mythical bracelets for himself. He is described as a brute, fiercely intelligent (no wonder) and a master manipulator with excellent contacts on both sides of the law.

Lucky Man Season 4

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man: Samuel VS Clayton

Rupert joined Stan Lee’s Lucky Man in Season 3. In the first episode, Rupert and Clayton meet in Hong Kong. Clayton was on business in Hong Kong, to find the origin of the talisman’s mystical powers. Samuel Blake on seeing Clayton tried to shoot him to get his bracelet. What else can one expect from the character of Blake? He’s isn’t nice; he’s a brute. Remember? Obviously, this uncalculated move by Samuel fails. Clayton doesn’t die or anything.

What Does Rupert Penry Jones Have to Say About Lucky Man?
Rupert (Samuel) thought that filming in Hong Kong was fantastic. It’s a place he always wanted to visit and work with Nesbitt. He even dished on their same agent. He was all praise for James Nesbitt as an actor, that Nesbitt creates such atmosphere on set for both cast and the crew. Rupert loved the stunts in Hong Kong, especially the scene with a machine gun.

Rupert Penry Jones we know has never really stepped out of his comfort zone as an actor. He’s always tried to play a decent guy on screen. According to him, playing Samuel was something of a thrill. It was because he stepped up his game, moved out of his comfort zone. We know Rupert Penry Jones from Silk, Spooks, and Whitechapel. He played a barrister, a spy, and a police officer in the above mentioned three shows respectively.

Speaking on the nature of this role, Rupert said, ”Actors can get pigeonholed, but playing professionals like policemen, doctors or lawyers is the bread and butter of most actor’s careers as it’s the world where most dramas seem to happen.” I mean of course last he played the uber-posh Louis the XlV at the National Theatre. He’s even confirmed that he filmed a rom-com in Canada about a couple who fall in love in a hotel in the middle of nowhere.

So Rupert is developing a taste for comedy too. For him, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man is one of a kind deal. It offers him all the action and rivalry one can expect from a classic Stan Lee Villain. He chuckles and says, “In Lucky Man, I’m Constantly Shooting People. It’s Perfect!”

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