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SSSS Dynazenon Episode 9: Release Date & Preview

SSSS Dynazenon

Shimuzu met with the boys who are watching over a failed Kaiju. The boys debate whether it is a Kaiju or not. Shimuzu told the boys to allow him to see, and he comments that it is a failed Kaiju. The Kaiju came to live and heads somewhere. Meanwhile, Gauma is sleeping under the bridge. Something wakes him up, and he saw a cat thinking that it is the cat disturbing his peaceful sleep. He heard people talking about something and wonders what it all that gathering about.

Gauma took his cell phone and looked at his face wondering if he looks ugly. When he took a selfie, he finds his face colored with slimy blue colors. Minami and Yomogi are looking for a guy named Futaba. The receptionist told them that Futaba quit his job a while back. Yomogi notices that Minami is stressed, and he asks the receptionist about Futaba’s number. The receptionist replies they have his contact, but Futaba’s information is confidential.

Previously on SSS Dynazenon Episode 8

Koyomi had not gotten over Inamoto and remembers when she showed him a bag full of cash. That day Koyomi question Inamoto where she got that money. Inamoto told him that they could do anything with it, and he must learn to roll with girls. Koyomi notices that this is more than a million and wonders if it is real. Inamoto told him that they could go somewhere together. That day Koyomi run away from a bag full of cash and a girl. Koyomi realizes that Inamoto has told him that she is married, and she wonders why she got married.

Koyomi remembers all the words that Inamoto has told him. The other day Inamoto told Koyomi that getting married help them realizes that they should value each other more. In the present day, Koyomi is standing near the tennis court with a stone in his hand. He wanted to throw that stone somewhere, but he receives a call from Chise. Koyomi wonders if he had run away with Inamoto that day; maybe something better would have happened.

He picks up the cell phone, and Chise told him that Gauma called an emergency meeting. Koyomi replies that he is on his way. Meanwhile, Minami and Yomogi boarded a bus and talked about Futaba. Yomogi thinks that Futaba will call them and ask Minami if they can go somewhere. But they both receive a phone call. Gauma appears on Yomogi’s phone screen. Yomogi wondered who this colorful guy on a video call is.

Colorful Kaiju

SSS Dynazenon

SSS Dynazenon

Gauma reveals that another Kaiju pranked and paint his face. The crew heads to the bridge and finds that Gauma looks like a rainbow. Gauma insists that it is a Kaiju who colored him like a rainbow. He orders the crew to split and find the Kaiju. Koyomi and the team think that Gauma might have been painting by someone or a kid who spilled paint on his face. Gauma reveals that it is a powerful Kaiju, and it has not shown itself. Yomogi asks what it looks like. Gauma reveals that it could be a little Kaiju.

Chise thinks that this is serious, and she comments that they can still find the Kaiju since it has not gone that far. Koyomi comments that it means there are different kinds of Kaiju. Gauma told them to look for Kaiju, or they will get painted just like him. Minami and Yomogi head in the same direction. Yomogi wonders if Gauma is serious about a Kaiju that goes around coloring stuff. Minami replies that there is one, and she points at the Colouring Kaiju near the park.

She comments that the Kaiju is small. Yomogi thinks he can’t lose to catch such small things and told Minami to tell Gauma that he sees it. Gauma arrives thinking that the coloring Kaiju is a real deal. He points at it and comments that he will defeat it. Yomogi captures it and wonders if Yomogi kills it. But he stopped Gauma from killing coloring Kaiju. Later Yomogi and Minami decided to go somewhere to have lunch.

SSSS Dynazenon Episode 9 Release Date

SSSS Dynazenon Episode 9 will release on Friday, 28 May 2021, at 10:00 PM JST. You can watch SSSS Dynazenon online on Funimation.

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